BMW M135i vs BMW 530d xDrive racing on the Autobahn +120-255 Insta360 DriveAnalyser RaceRender [4k]

BMW 530d xDrive and BMW M135i duel on the German Autobahn.

The 530d xDrive - the all-round BMW 5-Series with the indestructible three-liter turbodiesel delivers superior driving performance combined with outstanding suitability for everyday use. Can it compete with evil little cutting edge M135i in this unusual duel on the highway?

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Data comparision (stock):


BMW M135i (F21): 2979 cc I6 turbo (N55B30) #sleeper
Weight: 1515 kg / 3340 lb
Max output: 235 kW / 316 bhp
Weight to Power ratio: 10.76 lb/bhp
Max torque: 450 Nm
Sprint 0-62mph: 4.9 s
Top speed: 155 mph (limited)

BMW 530d xDrive: 2993 cc I6 turbo
Weight: 1695 kg / 3737 lb
Max output: 195 kW / 262 bhp
Weight to Power ratio: 14.26 lb/bhp
Max torque: 620 Nm
Sprint 0-62mph: 5.4 s
Top speed: 155 mph (limited)

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