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Ken Block’s Chinese Climbkhana Is Better Than Everything On Netflix

Eight free minutes of Ken Block’s 914bhp Hoonitruck blasting up the astonishing Tianmen Mountain road is everything we wish paid TV subscriptions gave us

Remind me later

All you need for a really great piece of TV is the right setting, an engaging character with awesome skills, an awesome car and decent-quality speakers. Believe us, you’re going to need them.

Climbkhana is back! And what a way to do it; Ken Block and his 914bhp Hoonitruck drift weapon have attacked the spectacular Tianmen Mountain, shredding some unfortunate Toyo rubber on the pass known as one of China’s most dangerous roads.

Yes please!
Yes please!

In reality it’s not, but only because normally you have to drive up there at about 0.3mph, trapped by all the tourist coaches tip-toeing past one another and the promise of a few nights in a Chinese prison if you’re spotted making dangerous overtakes.

Climbkhana Two Sees Block send his extremely un-standard Ford F-150 up the breathtaking mountain road at speed, often sideways and even throwing a cheeky semi-rear-entry manoeuvre into the mix. There are some doughnuts around a Segway-riding panda, naturally, and a whole heap of totally beautiful corners being executed with absolute precision. Marvellous stuff. We can only scratch our heads as to why Netflix & co aren’t funding a whole new series of this.