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Ken Block's Back With This New 'Terrakhana' Video

Take one 600hp rallycross Fiesta, one unhinged rally driver and 15 square kilometres of silt-covered desert floor...

Remind me later

It’s been a little while since Ken Block’s last Gymkhana video, he’s back - and this time he’s doing a ‘Terrakhana’.

If you’re as confused as we were, think of it as Gymkhana-style driving stunts, but on natural surfaces - from “Terra” meaning “Earth”. Clever, eh?

Terrakhana is a new angle on some of Block’s antics, and something he seems to be planning more of. However, he’s found a pretty excellent spot to kick things off: Swing Arm City in Utah.

Ken Block's Back With This New 'Terrakhana' Video - News

An offroad facility in southern Utah, Swing Arm City sits in the shadow of the Cainesville Mesa, one of Utah’s many glacial plateaus. It makes for a stunning backdrop that Block might find hard to beat.

It’s a 15 square kilometre playground that’s usually the home of dirt bikes and ATVs, but Block felt that the 600hp rallycross Fiesta from Gymkhana 8 would make a great fit.

The desert floor there is covered with a mineral known as ‘bentonite’ - a thick layer of silt that creates impressive dustclouds that show where Block’s been. Although given that it’s the same sort of stuff that make cat litter, our lungs are itching just thinking about breathing it in - rather him than us.