Just How Worn Out Is A 106,000-Mile Tesla Model S's Battery?

Used car madman Tyler Hoover has just come over all environmentally conscious and bought the cheapest Tesla Model S in the USA... but how is the battery doing?

Remind me later

Tyler Hoover, the man who makes questionable used-car-buying decisions so you don’t have to, has gone all green with his latest acquisition – the cheapest Tesla Model S in the USA.

The Kansas-based YouTuber paid $33,500 for the early 2012 car, which comes complete with the $3750 Technology Package, the $1500 active air suspension and the $20,000 big one: the 85kW battery for extra range and performance. New, it cost $85,150. Not a bad deal now, then, right?

On the other hand, it’s (relatively) cheap for a reason. This six-year-old EV has munched its way through 106,000 miles. No doubt it’s spent a lot of time on the highway. So has the battery died yet, or is it still capable of getting good range?

Time for him, and his conspicuous companion Ann/Anne, to take a long drive on a route with no Superchargers and find out. Brace for cheesy ‘theme music’ and much faffing at drive-thrus.