Is The 'Hated' 996 Actually The Best Porsche 911?

Does the 996 deserve to be labelled as the 'worst' of the 911s? Doug DeMuro disagrees, and actually reckons it could be considered best of the lot

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Whether it’s for the ‘fried egg’ headlights, the (perhaps overstated) immediate shaft bearing failures, the fact its the first 911 Porsche had the audacity to give water cooling, or all of the above, the 996 has many detractors. To some, it’s the worst 911: the low point in a 54 year sports car dynasty.

But does it actually deserve that label? Doug DeMuro disagrees, and actually reckons - for reasons of value, sizing and useable performance - the 996 could actually considered to be the best 911 money can buy.

Agree/disagree? Watch the man’s arguments in the video above and let us know your thoughts in the comments.