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Honda Civic Type R Prototype Spotted With Smaller Rear Wing

A trio of Civic Type R test mules have been spotted at the Nurburgring, one sporting a much lower rear wing

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Depending on where you stand, the Honda Civic Type R’s gigantic rear wing is either the best or the worst thing about it. The huge aero piece does have an undeniable ability to make you smile if you see it poking out from a distance in a crowded car park, but is it just overkill?

For those who are in the latter camp, it seems Honda might have a solution on the way. Three Type R test mules all feature in this one Nurburgring industry pool testing video, one sporting a much lower, smaller rear wing. Is the hot Civic about to go all 911 GT3 Touring on us?

Such a car could well be softened up a little compared to the regular R, although the rear wing may merely be a new item on the options menu. Curiously, the test mule is still wearing the original vortex generators on the roof.

Image via YouTube/cvdzijden
Image via YouTube/cvdzijden

Acting as the Ying to this less outlandish Type R’s Yang, we have the car you see above, wearing a Civic Jordan-style ‘Phoenix Yellow’ finish. It’s a colour Honda hasn’t offered on the FK8 thus far, and it looks to have been reserved for a special, more hardcore model.

The camouflage on the roof leads us to believe this one will have a carbonfibre roof, which will lower the overall weight figure while dropping the centre of gravity slightly. There’s a Nurburgring sticker on the left-hand rear wing endplate, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see the track referenced in this new Type R’s name. Nor would we be shocked if it tries to better the front-wheel drive ‘Ring record first set by the FK8 a few years ago - a time which is almost certainly under threat from the incoming Renault Megane RS Trophy-R.

The current FK8 Honda Civic Type R will soon make way for a facelifted version
The current FK8 Honda Civic Type R will soon make way for a facelifted version

The other white prototype is likely to be a simple facelifted version of the Civic Type R, with new front and rear bumpers. It’ll sit nicely between the other two models to have been spied.

Which of the three would you have?