Matt Robinson profile picture Matt Robinson 6 years ago

Get A Load Of BMW's Bombastic 'The Escape' Short Film

'The Escape' - BMW's follow up to its 'The Hire' series of films - is at last here, and it's just as explosive as we were expecting

Remind me later

After a few teaser trailers, BMW has released ‘The Escape’, its action-packed follow-up to ‘The Hire’ - a series of short films released in 2001 and 2002.

The first thing that struck me? Just how much money has been ploughed into this one short. As well as all the pricey big names - it stars Clive Owen, John Bernthal and Dakota Fanning, and is directed by Neil Blomkamp - it’s full of the kind of action that’d get Michael Bay hot under the collar.

We’re talking helicopter explosions, crashing big rigs, Humvees smashing through various objects - all set to a vague plot that has something to do with clones. Well, this is a Blomkamp film.

Suffice to say, the results are pretty spectacular, and it’s all in aid of plugging BMW’s new ‘G30’ 5-series. This is the kind of advertising we can get behind.

Now, we just have to wait and see if this is a one off, or the first of many…