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Ford 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet

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Ford has been rolling out a lot of factory racers lately. Cars in white, as they are known. Limited runs aimed at the bracket drag crowd and other denizens of the quarter miles strips scattered across the land. Here's Ford's latest: The 2010 Mustang Cobra Jet, and it has an optional aluminum block. 2010 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Last year, Ford did a 50 car production run of 2008 Mustang Cobra Jets. As you'd imagine, the program was a massive success with the entire run of cars selling out before production even started. The factory-built drag cars not only proved their worth on the FoMoCo balance sheets, but also on the nation's 1/4 mile tracks this year. So, doing another limited run of the Cobra Jets is a lead pipe cinch. Rolling off the regular Mustang assembly line at the Auto Alliance plant in Flat Rock, MI just like the last run the next 50-unit batch, the Cobra Jets mills will be bolted together at Ford's Romeo engine plant. And no, for all you skeptics out there, this is more than just bolting the same running gear into this year's body shell. Ford has a years worth of Cobra Jet experience under its belt now, and Ford Racing has fed that into the new car. 2010 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet The 2010 Cobra Jet, officially called the FR500CJ is propelled by a supercharged 5.4-liter V8 calibrated to and rated at 475 horsepower. The base CJ retains the same cast iron block used on the GT500 and '08 CJ, but buyers can opt for a new Super Cobra Jet engine with a lighter aluminum block. This engine features a 4-liter Whipple supercharger that will have a significantly higher potential output than the base model. Whichever engine the customer chooses, they will also get higher lift cams and compression increased to 9.6:1 2010 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Other upgrades will include Aeromotive return type fuel system with a fuel cell in the trunk. The intercooler coolant tank is fabricated aluminum with a higher capacity to better withstand pressurization. And Ford has added fans to the intercooler to help keep temperatures under control since drag cars often spend extended times sitting in staging lanes. All the new CJs will get a line lock from the factory to disable the rear brakes for burnouts. 2010 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet On the inside, the new Cobra Jet's chrome-moly steel roll cage is certified by the NHRA for its SuperStock B class and 8.5-second quarter-mile runs. There's a full set of instrumentation as well as a racing safety harnesses factory installed in every car. photo_102609_007 And no, it's not street legal. Source: AutoBlog Sponsor: mustang cobra for sale