[Updated] First Drive Impressions Of The 2016 Honda NSX Are Here

Journalists have been driving the new Honda NSX, and the embargo for first drive impressions has lifted! We're collating the reviews as they come in

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Honda - [Updated] First Drive Impressions Of The 2016 Honda NSX Are Here - Japanese

The new NSX is a massive moment for Honda. In recent memory it’s lost its mojo, building boring cars for people who just wanted to get from A to B with as little fuss as possible. The Japanese manufacturer has rediscovered its form, though, with the utterly bonkers Civic Type R, and the ludicrous Moto GP-engined 2&4 concept.

The NSX is the big one, though, and after a troubled, fiery production, its release is finally imminent. Journalists have had the chance to drive the new hybrid sports car, and the embargo on first impressions has lifted. Here’s what the world’s motoring press has to say about one of the most hotly anticipated cars in years…

Road & Track

“There was a time when you felt a little NSX in your Accord. Now there’s too much Accord in your NSX”


“With the new NSX, all the tools are there for a historic supercar, save for the drama that we expect from such vehicles. Future versions, including a rumoured roadster and Type R, will change that, hopefully.”

Car and Driver

“The overall impression is that of a company that hasn’t built a sports car in a while, cautiously feeling its way with a complicated new machine produced by a rushed development program. It has the essentials; what it needs can mostly be added with software”

Automotive News

“The car evokes far more emotion than I expected. After years of appearing on display stands at every auto show on the circuit, its design had lost a lot of the drama. But not on the street.”


“This is not a car that speaks in the traditional sense, and many people will have a problem with that. On the other hand, the NSX can do things other cars can’t, like cut around a hairpin at speeds that leave other cars plowing in a straight line.”