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Ferrari 812 Superfast Driver Films Himself Crashing In Central London

This 812 driver crashed into the wall of Lambeth Bridge while filming onboard footage

Remind me later

With a 789bhp V12 feeding the rear wheels exclusively, there’s a time and a place for putting your foot down in a Ferrari 812 Superfast. Ideally not on a brisk autumn day in the middle of one of the world’s biggest cities. While you’re documenting the experience with an action camera. And yet, here we are.

Thought to have been originally posted by a now-private Instagram account, this facepalm-inducing onboard footage has since been reposted by Twitter account ‘London & UK Crime’, where it’s racked up over half a million views since going live on Tuesday.

Ferrari - Ferrari 812 Superfast Driver Films Himself Crashing In Central London - News

In it, we see the driver put his foot down and lighting up the rear wheels on Lambeth Bridge. He lifts off, then slides backwards across the wrong side of the road and into the bridge wall. Thankfully, the out-of-control Ferrari missed the cyclist travelling the opposite direction.

The video quality is too low to tell where the Manettino switch is, and the portion of the 812’s right-hand screen that signals the electronic stability programme being off is obscured by the steering wheel. However, it seems likely the car’s ESP was disengaged, given the swift loss of traction.

We contacted the Metropolitan Police to try and find out more, but the force has no record of the crash, meaning it probably wasn’t reported. The driver appears to be OK following the wreck though, although he no doubt feels like a bit of a plum right now. And rightfully so.

The video was posted just over a week on from another Central London crash involving an 812, which was driven into by a Ferrari 458 Spider driver who also managed to hit a BMW M6. Some people shouldn’t have nice things.