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Famously Low Bridge To Be Raised; YouTube Devastated

The North Carolina Railroad Overpass, site of around 200 truck crashes caught on video, is to be raised by eight inches to stop the carnage

Remind me later

A railway bridge whose low height clearance skimmed the top of countless trucks over the years is about to be fixed.

That’s right, YouTube addicts: you’ll never see another brand new accidental unboxing of a truck’s contents at the famous ‘11-foot-eight-inch bridge,’ also called the Can-Opener Bridge. The supports holding the railway overpass up are to be slimmed down – presumably without weakening them – in order to lift the bridge’s clearance by eight inches.

With 12 feet and four inches to play with, the revised structure should allow most light and medium trucks to pass beneath it without the risk of becoming a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons.

The bridge has enjoyed a cult status for more than 10 years after videos of crashes there first emerged. Since a chap called Jurgen Henn set up cameras in 2008 there have been almost 200 crashes at the site. Wherever there are people who refuse to acknowledge their vehicle’s maximum height or bother to read road signs, internet infamy will follow.

Authorities placed extra warning signs and even fitted a special height sensor that triggered a roadside display ordering vehicles to turn, but after none of them made much difference, the authorities seem to have surrendered to the relentless tide of stupidity.

YouTube will be wearing a black armband to mourn its loss.