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Elderly 'Yellow Corsa Man' Has Caved In And Bought A Grey Replacement After His Vandalised Car Was Written Off

The octogenarian whose yellow Vauxhall Corsa was vandalised with the word MOVE was too afraid to buy another brightly-coloured car for fear of reprisals

Remind me later

We’re genuinely disappointed to bring you this news, but the old man whose yellow Vauxhall Corsa was vandalised for ‘ruining’ a beauty spot has given in and bought a grey replacement.

Earlier in February a campaign of abuse from social media users and fellow residents of the incredibly picturesque Arlington Row culminated in the smashing of the Corsa’s rear windscreen and a side window, as well as the scratching of the word ‘MOVE’ into the bonnet.

People claimed that his car was ruining their Instagram photos of the picturesque village of Bibury, which made us a bit cross. What right does anyone have to complain about this sort of thing?

At the time, it’s owner, 84-year-old Peter Maddox said he would replace his beloved Corsa with something in lime green, claiming to have secured the support of the village around him.

But now news has surfaced that after the car was written off by its insurers, the retired dentist has instead bought a silver-grey Corsa out of fear that the same thing might happen again. His daughter-in-law Marie Kraus said:

“He does like bright colours and he liked his bright yellow car but since he feels he was targeted because it was yellow, he doesn’t want to attract the same sort of attention.

“He feels it’s possible it would happen again.”

Regardless, a Facebook group has been set up to organise a convoy of yellow cars through Bibury with the aim of raising sponsorship that will be donated to a charity of Mr Maddox’s choice. We just can’t help but wish his own brand new yellow car was taking part.