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Know These Things Before Buying or Selling Private Number Plate

Know These Things Before Buying or Selling Private Number Plate - Blog

A trusted and qualified assistance is the ideal thing you need while buying or selling a private number plate. A recognized reseller of the DVLA has got immense experience in this field. They are buying and selling multiple private number plates for their customers for decades.

There are few registered companies in the UK that are selling personalized number plates online for over twenty years. The customers can get the benefits of their knowledge. They will guide you in every aspect concerning the right valuation of the registration plates or finding a specific combination of letters and numbers.

The specialty of authorized number plate dealers:

✓ Firstly, they know all the know how of registration number plate.

✓ Secondly, they are fully aware of the buying process of number plate and assigning it to a vehicle.

✓ Thirdly, they don’t waste time and speed up the process of buying and selling number plates.

✓ Fourthly, customers can save both time and energy as they get to see a wide range of number plates. These plates can be the ones that are issued by the government from the DVLA and those that are already got released in the UK.

✓ Fifthly, clients can use innovative tools for filtering through the massive variety of plates and select the exact one they want.

✓ Sixthly, a demonstration is available and clients can see how a particular number plate will look like on a vehicle. Customization is always welcomed.

Seventhly, the price of the private number plates is affordable unless you want a super unique and very famous vintage number plate. Again, there is no hidden cost, and finance options are available. Some firms also offer monthly payment plans with 0% interest.

Reasons to buy private number plates from an authentic number plate dealer:

You can be sure of getting an unissued number plate at the best possible price. They are original and genuine. These dealing agencies serve as a one-stop-shop for private registration number plates. They take care of the entire process on behalf of you. The administration team is fully client devoted. They handle the transfer of your number plate from one vehicle to another. Also, they take care of the retention document. They complete the process of manufacturing the unique number plate you ordered and send it to your address.

Their main objective is to make clients’ life simple. They ensure smooth transactions. They do wrapping of number plate into an amazing gift pack if you plan to gift a certain plate to your friend or loved one. The dealers consider it as a part of their service.

Types of vehicle registration:

• Cherished registrations

• Dateless number plates

• DVLA number plates

• Vanity registration plate

Is it allowed to purchase a private number plate without a vehicle?

Yes, it is allowed. The registrations can be provided on a retention certificate that is valid for 10 years. You can register the particular number plate to your vehicle within 10 years until the expiry date.

Is there any restriction while buying a registration mark?

You are not allowed to transfer a private number plate to any ‘Q’ registered vehicle. The registration that is offered by the DVLA initiates with ‘Q’. The DVLA issue these types of registrations because they cannot determine the vehicle’s age.

Again, you cannot transfer any personalized number plate that is from the MOT system. Also, transfer of number plate to vehicles exempted from HGV or Heavy Goods Vehicle testing process is not allowed. For instance, tractors.

You can never make your vehicle look younger or newer than its original age.

Does it require a fee to put a private number plate on a car?

It doesn’t matter if your car boasts a retention document that is V778, or, a Certificate of Entitlement that is V750, you don’t need to pay to fix a number plate on a car. But, you must have all the documentation in proper order.


Private number plates are a very good investment. Each personalized set of numbers and letters is unique. These plates have a great history of increasing value over the years. Hence, you can invest in one and get a high resale value in the future.