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Don't Panic: The Next BMW 2-Series Will Still Be RWD

Although BMW's next 1-series is set to adopt a front-wheel drive platform, it's looking like the successor to the current 2-series will still put its power rewards

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BMW - Don't Panic: The Next BMW 2-Series Will Still Be RWD - News

We’ve known for some time that the next BMW 1-series will switch to the same front-wheel drive platform that underpins the Mini and 2-series Active Tourer. Sad as it’ll be to lose the pint-sized, rear-wheel drive oddity, it does makes perfect sense. There’s a reason everything in the class is predominantly FWD: a longitudinally-mounted engine and a bulky prop shaft just takes up too much room in a C-segment hatchback.

But what about the 2-series? The current one is based on the same platform as the 1-series, so surely the next one will be going front-wheel drive too? Not necessarily.

Speaking to Motoring, BMW development board member Dr Klaus Frolich said: “I think it [the M2] is such a good car, it has such a success in the market…I think it would be a very good idea to continue that legacy [of the RWD 2-series].”

BMW - Don't Panic: The Next BMW 2-Series Will Still Be RWD - News

That’s far from conclusive, but surely a positive early sign that the next 2er won’t go FWD. After all, practical packaging considerations aren’t as high a priority for a two-door coupe/cabriolet, and who knows - perhaps BMW’s CLAR (cluster architecture) system is flexible enough to be used on a car that small.

Whatever happens further down the line though, the immediate future for the M2 looks rather exciting, with Frolich confirming that several new versions of the car are indeed on the way. We’ll take an M2 CSL, please…