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Don't Expect The New Toyota Supra To Be "A Cheap Car"

From the sounds of it, Toyota's new sports car won't be a bargain, but we probably shouldn't be surprised

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Toyota - Don't Expect The New Toyota Supra To Be "A Cheap Car" - News

With the next Toyota Supra not arriving in production form until early 2019, we’re left guessing how exactly it’ll shape up for a little while longer. We know it’ll have BMW-sourced engines and that a manual gearbox is unlikely, but how about price?

In an interview with Dutch publication AutoRai, Toyota’s European R&D vice president Gerald Killmann had the following to say (kindly translated by Google): “It will not be a cheap car. There will be a clear difference between the GT86 and Supra. The GT86 remains the affordable sports car, the Supra becomes the performance model.” He wouldn’t confirm or deny if production will be limited, meanwhile.

Toyota - Don't Expect The New Toyota Supra To Be "A Cheap Car" - News

‘Not cheap’ could be read in a number of ways, but we certainly can’t expect this to be a performance bargain with a hot hatch-like price. But that shouldn’t be a surprise - the last Supra (pictured above) was a pricey so-and-so too. Even when Toyota slashed the price of the twin-turbo version of the MkIV in 1997, it was still being flogged for $39,900 - the equivalent of $65,000 in today’s money. And its most expensive, it was over $80,000, adjusted for inflation.

As for our best guess, we can see the pricing for the new Supra - previewed by a ‘Racing Concept‘ at the Geneva show last month - ending up being quite similar to the Z4 it’ll share a platform and engines with.

Until there’s confirmation though, you might as well get speculating in the comments…

Source: AutoRai via Jalopnik