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Domino's Is Going On A Pothole-Filling Mission In The USA

The takeaway firm has launched a bizarre programme aimed at protecting its pizzas by helping local governments repair road damage

Remind me later

There’s much that separates us Brits from our friends across the pond. You call them pants, we call them trousers. Your footballs are shaped like eggs, our footballs are shaped like…actual balls. You get loads of awesome muscle cars we don’t, and we get plenty of amazing hot hatches you wish you had.

But there is one thing that joins these two very different nations together: our road networks are - in places - appalling. Potholes are the scourge of British and American motorists alike, but there is an unlikely saviour for the latter group: Domino’s Pizza.

In what at first seems like a very late April Fool’s joke or perhaps the plot for a Black Mirror episode, the firm has announced that it’s launched an initiative to fix road imperfections that “can cause irreversible damage to your pizza during the drive home from Domino’s,” it said in a statement. “We can’t stand by and let your cheese slide to one side, your toppings get untopped or your boxes get flipped,” it added. We promise we’re not making this up.

Domino's Is Going On A Pothole-Filling Mission In The USA - News

Users can log on to the ‘Paving For Pizza’ website, where it’s possible to enter a ZIP code and nominate a town. If successful, the local government will receive a grant to help with road repairs.

So to sum up, a corporation is using its own money to do what the US government can’t. This story has a whiff of dystopia to it, doesn’t it? At least we have the option of masking it with the spicy odour of pepperoni…