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1999 Toyota Altezza RS200

Toyota - 1999 Toyota Altezza RS200 - Garage

My new car to replace my old TDi Golf MK4.
A right hand drive, Toyota Altezza RS200. For those who don’t know, Toyota altezza is japanese equillevant to a IS200 / 300, but this is the RS200 version, which came with a 3S-GE “Beams” Gen 5 (blacktop) engine, 6 speed manual transmission and a Torsen Diff. Around 210hp at the rear wheels.

This car was imported to Finland by the import company i bought it from. Only modifications i can see that has been done is a new mushroom filter, and i’m not sure about the exhaust.
I bought the importers package which came with BC Racing V1- coilovers as well as new Japan Racing JR3 rims and summer tires. So the coilovers have been installed. It’s currently at the shop still waiting to be inspected for road worthiness, as well as register the suspension.
The car is RHD, which is interesting since in Finland we drive on the right side of the road.

More to come after i drive it a bit (i might get it tomorrow, 16.3.2019 and i have a few hundred KM roadtrip on the 17th