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Compare Assetto Corsa's New Laser-Scanned Nurburgring To The Real Thing In This Brilliant Video

As part of a new DLC pack, Assetto Corsa gamers can now drive on a laser-scanned reproduction of the Nubrurgring, and try out 10 new cars

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If you’re getting frustrated with the continual release delays for Project Cars, Assetto Corsa might just be the answer. This PC-only title has been out for some time now, and the new ‘Dream Pack 1’ package - which includes this laser scanned Nordschleife reproduction and 10 cars - has just been released.

The DLC is rather pricey at £10.99 (or $14.99 if you’re in the USA), but the realism of the Nordschleife is impressive (as demonstrated here with a Pagani Zonda R), and the cars included are all pretty tasty:

  • Alfa Romeo 4C
  • Alfa Romeo GTA
  • Alfa Romeo 155 Ti V6 1993
  • BMW M235i race car
  • Chevrolet Corvette C-R GTE
  • McLaren P1
  • McLaren F1 GTR
  • Mercedes 190E Evo II
  • Mercedes C9
  • Nissan GT-R NISMO