Barn find: Worth the effort?

Is this.... is this really FB RX-7?
Is this.... is this really FB RX-7?

I’ve been searching for right words for a while now because i’m sad to say that this project is probably not going to happen under me. I got it that far that i managed to find the owner (or he found me because i literally stalked there) and that car is supposed to be given to his son for restauration. Son on the other hand is very hesitant if he wants it or not but if he gives it away, he will hurt hist pop’s feelings and he doesn’t want this to happen either.

So it’s currently on hold. I’m still harassing them every once in a while, because they haven’t said “NO, GO AWAY” yet but “we still want to think about it”

So it’s complicated. Oh and documents are lost but recoverable luckily as far as i know right now. But the old man has to approve it. :(

For techical discussion, scroll down after last pic.

That’s a weird one. I haven’t seen early RX’ models IRL up close. Maybe some car shows and of course movies and internet. So it’s safe to say i know literally nothing about them. Here in Europe, at least where i come from, they are quite hard to come by so meeting one is a very-very small chance.

So a friend of mine was walking his cat (don’t ask) in local park/forest area and saw something interesting…something different under some trees peeking out at some yard of a private house. He didn’t know what it was. He called me “You’ll never guess what i just saw. I don’t even know what it is…but…but…but i think it’s some old Mazda that looks way different that ain’t some run-of-the-mill 323 or so. It’s something different, you’ve got to see this!”

As this guy is also serious gearhead and doesn’t get excited very easily, especially when it’s not BMW related, this got me excited too and after i finished my work i flew to my friend’s house. By that time he had done some wiki-search and came out of his house with a face like he’s just seen a ghost. “I…I think it’s RX-7…”. I knew that face. I’ve seen this face of disbelief on one other friend who found MK1 Celica-Supra almost 10 years ago literally in a barn somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

What is that? Is that real?
What is that? Is that real?

I had to see this so he took me there. And there it was. Something different that stood out from the green. Something…special. I realized that it indeed is something in the RX family. Is it 1st gen or 2nd? It would be easy to say that this car is abandoned but i’d say no. Sure, it had flat tires, fauna taking it over. Rusted and mold everywhere. But you could tell this car is not forgotten. It has signs of being covered during winter. Paint is dirty but not destroyed. You could see this car has had care but for some reason is not used. And rust is slowly taking over…

Quick license plate check revealed that this car is out of public registration view. Records are closed down when car hasn’t been officially visible in last 5 years by either insurance or technical checkup or anything. No footprint…to DMV this car no longer exist, presumably destroyed. Is the documentation destroyed and owner cannot be reached? I sense sinister vibe from there. I’ve seen Wangan middonaito the movie. It can be nothing or something really bad. Or something really good? Like when you see this girl you really like, but you don’t ask her out because doubts and fear of rejection?

What are you telling me? What's your story?
What are you telling me? What's your story?

Emotions aside, i’m turning you, the community. As i don’t know anything about this car, is this car worth rescuing? Okay it mainly depends on the price. In general is it worth giving extra effort on finding the owner? If it is some Golf III or 323 of the Japanese scene, then probably no…

From the looks of it, the body needs serious rust repair, inside looks rather okay-ish. Nothing that a deep clean couldn’t save. But what are the technical pitfalls with this car? What to keep an eye on? It’s very old rotary engine and what the car memes have told me, the apex seals were busted the day it came out of the factory in Hiroshima. No idea what’s under the hood. What are the numbers i might be committing myself to? Bare minimum of maintaining the engine… Where to get replacement engine if needed?

My bank account of course strongly disagrees with any thoughts i have. But it is not some POS Vento either.

What are your thoughts? Worth the effort or “leave it die”? Some good thread or documentation to get myself up to speed with those cars?