Common Problems with Fiestas


2001-2004: Airbag Warning Lights:
Faulty airbag warning lights were common for these years of the Fiesta. These failures include failure of warning light and flashing airbag lights. This should be fixed by a dealer

2002-2004: Air Distribution:
When the the interior air was set to the windscreen, the air would continue to blow into the footwell. This can be fixed by installing a new air distribution flap.

202-2008: Hydraulic Clutch
Cylinder rod becomes disconnected from the clutch pedal. this can be fixed by replacing the connecting clip to the clutch pedal.

2002-2005: Fuel Pipe
Some fuel pipes were not built to spec and can result in fuel leaks. This should be fixed by a dealer

2002: Rear Axle
Weak welds can be found where the brake unit mounting plate meets the axle. This can be fixed by re-welding the mounting plate

2006: Steering
There was an issue with steering columns which could sometimes lead to a loss in control of steering. This should be fixed by a dealer via recall.

2002-2008: Stereo
There have been reported problems with the stereo not working correctly or tuning off completely. A replacement stereo is required

2002-2008 Water Pump
If strange noises (often referred to as whining noises) occur, the water pump may need replaced

2008 - present

2011+: Exhaust
Some exhausts had a blanking plug not fitted tightly enough. This could melt the cooling fan. There is a slight danger of exhaust fumes. This was a factory recall and should have been fixed by a dealer.

2011: Suspension
The rear axle mounting bolts did not meet required specification. These bolts should be replaced if they were not already.