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A Tesla Model S Is Coming To The LAPD Fleet, And It'll Be A Proper Patrol Car

All sorts of weird and wonderful cars are given a police livery and a set of blue flashing lights for the sake of promotional purposes, but this latest addition to the LAPD fleet will be a proper, serving patrol car

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Tesla - A Tesla Model S Is Coming To The LAPD Fleet, And It'll Be A Proper Patrol Car - News

After being loaned a pair of Model S Teslas earlier in the year to see how well they handle the mean streets of Los Angeles, the LAPD will turn one into a fully-fledged patrol car. We’re talking lights, a shotgun rack - the works.

The move - reported by CNBC - comes as a surprise to a certain extent, as the police force had previously poured cold water on the prospect of the Model S being put into service, partly due fears of the cars becoming useless in the event of a power outage.

The second reason was the cost per unit, and that’s why we’re seeing just one Model S converted for patrol usage for now.

It’s all down to the LAPD’s efforts to start making the switch to electric vehicles, which is why the force recently took delivery of 100 BMW i3s for non-emergency roles. Once EV technology gets cheaper over the next few years, it’ll get easier for the LAPD to add cars like the Model S to its fleet in greater numbers.

So, miscreants of LA, you may find yourselves chased down by near-silent EV police missiles before too long…


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