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A Pandem Widebody A90 Toyota Supra Bodykit Is On The Way

A Pandem-branded widebody kit is being worked on for the new Toyota Supra, and it's suitably unsubtle

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Toyota - A Pandem Widebody A90 Toyota Supra Bodykit Is On The Way - Tuning

Ever since the new Toyota Supra was revealed, we’ve insisted that the aftermarket scene for the A90 is going to be incredible. Even chief engineer Tetsuya Tada has actively encouraged post-sale fettling of the car.

Remaps, bigger wheels, bodykits, more aggressive suspension setups - we’re excited to see what people come up with. And at the more outlandish end of the scale, Tra-Kyoto - the firm behind Rocket Bunny - has released renders and a CGI video of an incoming Pandem-branded kit for the car.

It works out pretty much as you’d expect. We have fantastically wide arches, a huge rear wing, a big suspension drop on deep-dish wheels, a low slung splitter and new side skirts. Subtle it is not.

There’s no word on when the kit will be available, nor do we know when we’ll see the real deal. A post from the Rocket Bunny Pandem Instagram account merely says “No further details yet…Please stand by for future updates.”

We can’t wait to see more.