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A Huge 10-Car Accident Shut Down The Nurburgring On Sunday

An oil spill on the Nordschleife at the weekend caused several cars to go off in a massive accident that closed the track for the rest of the day

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Image via Polizeidirektion Mayen
Image via Polizeidirektion Mayen

The chaotic scene you see above is the result of a massive oil spill at the Nordschleife on Sunday afternoon. Bridge to Gantry reports that the fluids came from a Luxembourg-registered McLaren 650S, causing several cars to come off an causing a destructive concertina effect.

10 cars were involved in the incident, which left 10 people injured - four of them seriously, according to a local police report. The carnage was significant enough to warrant the attendance of 30 emergency services personnel, five ambulances and a pair of rescue helicopters.

The Nordschleife remained closed for the rest of the day due to the crashes, which the police reckon caused several hundred thousand euros of damage. It’s certainly hard to argue with that assessment.

It’s an awful situation to have done everything right yet end up with a wrecked ride and some injuries, so we really feel for the people involved in this nasty smash. Here’s hoping they’re well on their way to recovery.

Source: Polizeidirektion Mayen via Bridge to Gantry