Ending unlocked: The bittersweet end.

How it all started.
How it all started.

The only thing i didn’t like about this platform was that i didn’t have a car to post in my garage.
But i met a lot a lot of cool people, there have been a lot of inside jokes, chaotic events, ups and downs. It was an unique experience.
I’m thankful to all the people that followed my profile, read my posts and interacted with me.
This community has taught me a lot about cars. I looked back on my old posts and i had quite some misinformed opinions. I changed a lot and i changed for the better.

I’m making this, maybe, final post just to say that i’m happy to have been part of this community.
I dunno what else to say. See y’all in the new comments section from the editorial posts.

I’m quite surprised that i was able to get 160 followers and 8400 upvotes. Gave me quite a confidence boost, considering how small this community was.

But how all good things come to an end at some point, now it’s time to say farewell here too.

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