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1992 Nissan R32 GTS25

Nissan - 1992 Nissan R32 GTS25 - Garage

1992 R32 GTS25 Type-S
This model has a factory RB25DE and in 2door manual with this trim/options/spec
from factory less than 1000 were made (GTR-Registry.com)
This engine has the head that is used for easy RB25/30DET builds for someone keen.

I have had the car for over two years, bought it close to stock standard
and it was the first car i purchased myself.
Anything modified to it i have done with the mindset of if i wish
to change back to clean and stock i could.
I have some stock spares; steering wheel, suspension, cat etc.
I have treated it the best i could, anybody who knows myself and the car personally knows I am incredibly meticulous about keeping it spotless and not driving it harsh.
Is warmed up and not driven above 3k rpm until full temp, has NEVER sat on limiter or seen a skid pad/drift day.
I have had it cut and polished, clay barred and waxed regularly.
Is washed weekly if not twice a week, and cleaned/detailed every few weeks.
Always run on 98, and timing has been adjusted accordingly to benefit.
Always used either Fuchs or Penrite fully sinthetic oils.

Comes factory with:
-fog lights
-climate control
-electric fold in mirrors
-automatic electric windows
-type-m skirts, pods and spoiler

-r33 gts-t 5 stud hub and brake conversion
-custom 2.5 inch exhaust with high flow cat and xforce cannon done by USA exhaust
-short shifter
-exedy heavy duty clutch
-fully adjustable GReddy coilovers front and JIC Magic rear
-Slideworx camber arms
-front and rear strut braces
-Sony headunit with Kenwood front speakers and Pioneer rear, sound great for no sub
-front lip
-Nardi style deep dish wheel
-Mishimoto weighted shifter

-very original, no signs of motor/box/other major mechanical part being changed
-car is very straight, all panels are great condition bar a couple very minor dents.
-no rust
-have all inner wheel arch covers, rare to find
-all electronics/lights work perfectly
-interior is excellent condition, seats have no rips/holes.
-new gear shifter and handbrake covers
-dash has no bubbles/cracks like 99% do.
-dash vents all there and not cracked.
-recently had major service, and things replaced such as
water pump, all belts/pulleys, new battery, suspension bushes etc.
-runs great, idles perfect, pulls hard.
-gearbox/clutch is perfect, never grinds gears and feels stiff but still smooth.