The current state of CT. My first #blogpost.

Hi, i’m ThatMercFanboi, and I can’t actually believe what CarThrottle has become. It used to be an outsider’s paradise, but then came the normies, and then the dreaded bots.

First, they were simple adbots who couldn’t post anywhere else other than the General community, then came the sexbots, who mostly promoted uhh, innapropriate sites. And finally, the latest and worst (atleast up to this day) the moviebots.

What you just saw were the dreaded bots who tormented CT in a way which shouldn’t have ever happened. Why it did happen? One word. Laziness.
You see, CT used to promote this site on all of their social media, but nowadays, it’s ignored almost completely by staff, especially the issues that plague it (most still to this day).
So what do we do? We try to garner all the attention possible to the issues, and even still, the staff pays very limited attention to us. So this leads me to the next point.

The website is uncared for. Recaptcha? No. Email authetication? (According to CTzen FlixyMadfox) No.
Caring, involved staff? Nope. Original content that aren’t reposts? Nada.
The CT staff created rhis website in hopes it woul’ve been paradise, but it turned out to be hell on Earth.

I’m still not planning the move to DriveTribe, but I already have an account there, just because of the impending threat, being the absolute ruining of CT. (No, it isn’t completely ruined yet.)

This has been ThatMercFanboi, and I hope we see again.