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Thors Day Trivia

Thors Day Trivia - Off topic

Did you know, if you speak English, that you carry the old gods with you in every day speach?

In 560AD after the Romans left England behind to defend their own homelands from gothic invasion the Scots and Irish became more and more savage. The British response was to beg the Romans to come back and protect us from the terrible violence inflicted by those brutal tribes. The Romans had their own troubles to deal with so instead the Saxon brothers Hengist and Horsa brought their first army across the sea to Britain.

Of course they easily drove away the Scots and Irish back across the border but they were not satisfied. They drove the British Kings across the country and into Wales, Cornwall and Cumbria. More Saxons, Angels and Jutes came from across the sea and formed kingdoms in England.

Although the Britons had their own pagan religion, the Saxons brought with them germanic gods. People in England began to worship Thor, Odin and Frey. They began to wear hammer amulets and sought to cross the rainbow bridge and enter valhalla by demonstrating bravery in battle. Although now forgotten these Saxon gods are enshrined forever in the names we give to our days of the week. So next Wodensday give a thought to the warrior brothers Hengist and Horsa who began making England 1500 years ago.

Tuesday - Tiws Day (Tyr Lord of battle)
Wednesday - Wodens Day (Odin All Father)
Thursday - Thurs Day (Thors Day)
Friday - Freys Day (Frey God of firtility)