Why Koenigsegg's 'Bulletproof' V8 Deal With Spyker Never Happened

It appears Spyker has failed to meet its side of an engine supply contract with Koenigsegg
Why Koenigsegg's 'Bulletproof' V8 Deal With Spyker Never Happened

At the Geneva Motor Show last year, it seemed as though wonderfully eccentric Dutch supercar company Spyker was back in action. Its ‘C8 Preliator’ was on display for the world to see, and there was one hell of a plan in place for the engine.

It was to be a naturally-aspirated V8 made by Koenigsegg. Given that Christian von Koenigsegg and his pals have a habit of cranking out well in excess of 1000bhp from its bespoke V8s, a less stressed example making a ‘mere’ 592bhp promised to be reliable. In fact, Christian famously told Road and Track at the time that the “over-engineered” lump would “last for I don’t know…200 years or something.”

Almost a year and a half on though, not a single engine has been purchased by Spyker. “We have not built any engines for Spyker,” Koenigsegg’s spokesperson Steve Wade confirmed to Autovise, adding “Spyker has not met the conditions, so we have not started building.”

Why Koenigsegg's 'Bulletproof' V8 Deal With Spyker Never Happened

The nature of Spyker Cars’ current situation isn’t clear, but the firm’s financial history since its founding in 1999 is best described as turbulent. Koenigsegg, however, remains hopeful. “We wish Spyker a good future and hope that they will once again be able to deliver their fascinating cars,” Wade said.

Let’s cross our fingers.


The TallDutchmen

Tbh, as a Dutchmen. Don’t expect much from Spyker. We don’t really respect them. And also they have a bad management. Not something people will invest into.

08/31/2018 - 15:42 |
80 | 0

And if I would buy a dutch car I would buy a donkervoort

08/31/2018 - 15:55 |
18 | 0

That’s a shame..

I wonder if they had new management the company would get better? Curiously though what is it specifically about them that doesn’t bring respect?

08/31/2018 - 16:04 |
22 | 0

That’s sad…The people managing this company are like piranhas getting ready to feast on this company, until there is nothing of it left. It’s a shame that a company that made great cars like the C8 and concepts like the B6 and what not, is on the brink of death. I hope they get saved…

08/31/2018 - 16:33 |
16 | 0

Also Saab.

08/31/2018 - 16:35 |
4 | 0

“Fascinating cars” that is a masterpiece in subtle insults. Bravo Mr. Wade

08/31/2018 - 18:50 |
12 | 0

nobody cares about shareholders return of investment, just make it happen already

08/31/2018 - 20:07 |
0 | 22

In reply to by lafars

You can’t build cars without money

09/01/2018 - 06:40 |
12 | 0
Matthew Henderson

I too hope Spyker will build cars again… they’re a piece of my national pride.

09/01/2018 - 06:36 |
2 | 0

maybe Koenigsegg found out Spyker was a spy because of “Spy” in its name.

09/07/2018 - 23:29 |
2 | 0



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