We Have So Much Love For This Unique 6x4 Suzuki Jimny Pickup

With an extra axle and a load bay big enough to hold a mattress, this one-off modified Suzuki Jimny is an oddball we can't get enough of
We Have So Much Love For This Unique 6x4 Suzuki Jimny Pickup

The new Suzuki Jimny’s appearance earlier this week has made us go all gooey and whimsical over the old one. Genuinely superb off-road thanks to farm-spec four-wheel drive, narrow tyres and a kerb weight lower than a worm’s basement, it’s a little hero that has famously matched even the mighty Range Rover in the muck.

Unfortunately, it was never all that good on the road if you spent much time above 40mph. It was choppy over bumps, noisy and about as refined as a honey badger in a tumble drier. It wasn’t even quick: it won its cult of fans through character and its ability to keep on keeping on no matter what challenges you threw at it.

We Have So Much Love For This Unique 6x4 Suzuki Jimny Pickup

But… what if you wanted something more out of your Jimny? Say, like a pickup body style. With six wheels. If that was the case, today would be your lucky day, because a one-off special 6x4 Jimny is for sale on eBay UK.

Yup, it’s a cheeky little find that has had a full rear-end extension, complete with an extra pair of wheels and a useful pickup load bed. Why? Who knows, but it’s bloody brilliant. Unlike other pickup-converted Jimnys with a frankly ridiculous four wheels, this one can actually hold more than a pint of milk and some World Cup sticker packs.

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The 82,000-mile 2003 car’s girder chassis has been extended by Torque Performance, experts in converting Jimnys to small pickups. The build was just a ‘personal project’ by the firm, and now, after much giggling at it, they’re selling it through a motorbike dealer in the same area.

There’s no drive to that rear axle so there’s potential to lift the driven middle axle off the ground altogether on quite specific bits of proper off-road gnarliness, but don’t let that stop you. Those new rear wheels are braked, so it won’t have any trouble hauling up on any surface.

Plastic seat covers for maximum farmer points
Plastic seat covers for maximum farmer points

Naturally there are only two seats left, but hey, the kids (or maybe the parents) will just have to stay at home. Instead you get a 1.89m (just over six feet) load bed that you could use for fence panels, bags of sand or a mattress. Whatever takes your fancy, really.

Up front is the standard, asthmatic 1.3-litre four-cylinder that Suzuki called the engine. It’s adequate for biffing around town or green lanes (the UK’s public off-road tracks) but you’ll quickly get bored of it on faster roads. At least going slowly means there’s more time to show it off. Let’s face it, people are going to look.

We Have So Much Love For This Unique 6x4 Suzuki Jimny Pickup

This unique Jimny Terramaxx by Torque Performance is priced at just £10,000. Sure, you can pick a death-ready Jimny up for less than £500 these days, but bear with us. The firm’s Terramaxx conversions usually cost at least £10,000 or so, after adding VAT. That’s on top of the purchase price of the car itself. Ten grand for this one-off piece of Jimny sub-culture stardom, with no VAT to add, seems like a bargain.


hummerinator (Suzuki samurai, lada niva & iveco daily lover)

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I got feeling mixed about this, dunno if like or not

06/23/2018 - 12:49 |
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I wonder if there are any quirks and features about Jimny?

06/23/2018 - 12:43 |
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luke c

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Dougs new favorite band: Jimny Eat World

06/23/2018 - 13:52 |
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Griffin Mackenzie

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they tip over

06/23/2018 - 15:31 |
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Alan Prescott

Awesome! A budget Mercedes 6X6 for the masses.

06/23/2018 - 12:43 |
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It’s actually way more exclusive.

06/23/2018 - 17:37 |
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Ewan23 (The Scottish guy)

I want one

06/23/2018 - 12:44 |
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06/23/2018 - 16:34 |
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A Jimny 6x4 one off currently for sale by a motorbike dealership.

The levels of quirk are strong with this one.

06/24/2018 - 03:09 |
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