This Tatty 250bhp V6 Saab 9-3 Is Just £1800

The bodywork may have seen better days, but this fast Saab is a serious bargain
This Tatty 250bhp V6 Saab 9-3 Is Just £1800

Fast Saabs have always intrigued me. They’re not known for their handling prowess, and it’s hard to escape the nagging feeling that all but the really old ones are just a collection of Opel/Vauxhall bits mixed together with a Swedish twist. But that doesn’t stop them being desirable.

They look great, they’re often enormously quick, and even with all the GM parts bin raiding going on, they’re unusual. They’re also not that expensive.

This Tatty 250bhp V6 Saab 9-3 Is Just £1800

2.0-litre Aero versions of the second-generation 9-3 can be bought for as little as £1000, and after a little peruse of the classifieds this morning, I stumbled upon the more potent V6 for just £1800.

Most of the 2.8-litre turbocharged Aeros are over £3000, so why is this one so cheap? Well, despite the seller claiming it has “good bodywork,” it looks like the front splitter has been involved in an argument with something quite solid, and there’s a nasty ding on the bonnet.

This Tatty 250bhp V6 Saab 9-3 Is Just £1800

If that’s their idea of ‘good’, we’re taking “Tyre condition Average” to mean that the boots are pretty much down to the wear markers. Oh, and the butchered state of the wheels is bad enough to seriously hurt your soul if you look at them too long.

But we’re happy to overlook those details, as if this checks out in the metal and if the 83,000 miles on the clock are genuine, that’s a hell of a lot of car for the money. We’re talking 247bhp and 0-60mph in 6.5 seconds, all wrapped up in an comfy, understated package. It’s packing a manual gearbox, too.




I’m waiting for the “I have 3$” meme

01/18/2017 - 15:47 |
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Roadster / Tail Red

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01/18/2017 - 15:55 |
202 | 6
Tomislav Celić

I can’t A-Ford anything except my Focus

01/18/2017 - 15:47 |
48 | 0

But you have a Fiat

01/18/2017 - 18:39 |
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DairyFellows Garage

In my experience all saabs newer than the old body 900 are incredibly boring, never driven cars with such a lack of personality as “new” saabs. But its definitely cheap horsepower. Especially here in sweden.

01/18/2017 - 15:52 |
2 | 8

Well, the, share parts with the Vectra, so anything else than a boring grandpa’s car would have been a surprise. Blame GM.

01/18/2017 - 15:56 |
2 | 2

I wish Saab were still alive 😢

01/18/2017 - 15:59 |
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that Aston guy (miata squad) (aston squad)

James may is triggered

01/18/2017 - 16:10 |
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Saab is bust … hope you can still get spares

01/18/2017 - 16:24 |
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Parts avaliabilty is better than when the company was running ;)

01/18/2017 - 16:56 |
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Absolutely no problem in getting genuine Saab parts for the late models, someone bought the rights to produce spares.

01/18/2017 - 18:02 |
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I own 2, and it’s quite easy actually.

01/18/2017 - 18:22 |
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Saabs are fantastic value for the money - so long as the previous owner didn’t skimp on the maintenance.

01/18/2017 - 16:30 |
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I don’t get some people, there saying saab is boring, meanwhile there in grey lease audi’s that are a dime in a dozen, saying saabs are slow and boring but clearly never driven one. And saying there not swedish unlike volvo but have no idea that in the last decade volvo was made by ford (no hate) saab changed so much that apart from certain engines they share things like filler caps (what every car company does……)

01/18/2017 - 17:07 |
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We need SAAB community here in CT! Many people call Saabs as boring and unreliable cars, but you should not say that before you have sitted in one! First time i got ride in saab i fall in love with it! They are the most comfortable cars ive ever sitted, and if its fitted with Aero package, ride is going to be GREAT because its actually suprisingly fast!

01/18/2017 - 17:35 |
18 | 0

I have a Saab 9-3 just like this one and in 200,000 miles nothing has needed to be repaired and it’s a fun car to drive. Too bad it doesn’t look all that ineteresting.

01/18/2017 - 17:50 |
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