The Rimac-Battling Lotus Type 130 Electric Hypercar Will Be Here In July

Lotus has confirmed that its Type 130 all-electric hypercar will be revealed to the world on 16 July
The Rimac-Battling Lotus Type 130 Electric Hypercar Will Be Here In July

The first all-electric Lotus is almost here. It’s called the Type 130, and although Hethel still isn’t telling us a whole lot about it, we can expect something very, very fast.

Lotus describes the Type 130 as a hypercar, claiming that it will be “the most dynamically accomplished road car in the company’s history, continuing a bloodline rich in firsts and technical game-changers in automotive and motorsport”. Quite a statement, no?

Previous reports suggested that the Type 130 will have a four-figure power output plus a seven-figure price tag. We won’t have long to wait before we find out how much truth there is to the rumours - Lotus has confirmed that we’ll see the car in full on 16 July. There’s a new teaser image too (above) showing backlit Lotus lettering and a charging port.

Lotus used this rather abstract teaser image when first announcing the Type 130 a few weeks ago
Lotus used this rather abstract teaser image when first announcing the…

Lotus intends to build only 130 of the cars, referencing both the name and the number of ‘Types’ that have existed over the company’s 71 years. Also, despite the world of mega expensive, enormously powerful EVs being new territory for Lotus, Type 130’s production won’t be outsourced - it’ll be built in Hethel.

The hypercar will enter a battleground already populated by several belligerents, including the Rimac C_Two and the related Pininfarina Battista. There are plenty more inbound, too - fellow British company Ariel is working on the 1180bhp P40, for instance, and of course there’s the Tesla Roadster which will hopefully be arriving next year.

How do you rate Type 130’s chances?



Hearing Lotus in the same sentence as four-figure power output sounds…well, absolutely beyond belief

05/31/2019 - 13:42 |
21 | 0

More to the point, hearing ‘Lotus’ followed by ‘seven figure price tag’ is faintly absurd, bearing in mind their well-documented financial woes…

05/31/2019 - 14:16 |
14 | 0
RWB Dude

Would be cooler if it was a hybrid, in still not a fan of EVs

05/31/2019 - 14:15 |
4 | 3

But im glad Lotus is actually making a new car for once and not just a new trim level

05/31/2019 - 14:59 |
1 | 2

But an EV Lotus could be one of their best.. I feel Colon Chapman may be turning in his grave, but with 1000+hp and instant torque - it’ll be ridiculous

05/31/2019 - 15:40 |
4 | 1

so its 50 normal Type 130s, and 80 special editons?

05/31/2019 - 17:47 |
3 | 0


06/01/2019 - 13:25 |
2 | 2

lotus hasnt kept count since type 125(exos), so technically this is type 126, unless one counts the F1 cars which brings it upto 129

05/31/2019 - 18:28 |
1 | 0

Ah the comment arguments. Never fail to both entertain and bring back my cancer all at once.

06/02/2019 - 13:00 |
1 | 0
Cobra RS

This I am properly excited for. Lotus knows how to make cars handle beautifully, so if anyone can hide the weight of a leccy powertrain it’s them. Also, it’s hard to make a bad leccy motor so i believe we’re on for a winner

06/02/2019 - 13:33 |
1 | 0

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