Readers' Rides: Frederick's Heroic Datsun 240Z

Old school, clean and highly desirable! This car oozes cool

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We love seeing your cars and hearing your stories, and this week we've got something a little bit special. When Frederick got in contact with us we instantly fell in love with his beautiful 1973 Datsun 240Z.

He's worked hard to get the car of his dreams, so we'll let him take it from here!

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My name's Frederick, I'm 17 years old and live on Long Island in New York. This is my Datsun 240Z. Though I'm involved in many different activities, everyone knows me as the 'car guy'. If my friends ever have a question pertaining to cars, they know who to ask.

For me, cars are a big part of my life. I honestly can't remember a day that has gone by when I haven't gone online either to read different car forums, look at the car classifieds, or read the newest article on Car Throttle.

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Something I'd like to mention is how I was able to buy my car. Most people, when they see that I own a 240Z at my age, assume that I'm just some rich kid whose parents bought the car. From the ages of 10-14 I had the opportunity to have a job as a Knicks City Kid. We were performers who would do dance routines and tricks during half-time at Knicks basketball games at Madison Square Garden.

As a result of the exposure I received from this job, I went on to do a number of commercials and music videos, including one with Jerry Seinfeld. I saved up all of the money that I made from these jobs knowing that the money would one day be used to buy a car. It took a lot of convincing for my parents to allow me to get a 40-year old Datsun as my first car, but I bought the car in March 2013. Interestingly, the production date stamped on the plaque says the car was built in March 1973. I bought the car on its 40th birthday!

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After purchasing the car I went to the 2013 Z Car convention in New Hampshire. My dad and I decided that it would be a great way to celebrate my purchase of the car, and would be a great opportunity to meet other Z car enthusiasts. Going to this convention was an experience that I will never forget. New Hampshire is about five-hours away from where I live, and we decided to make the drive. The car managed to get there without a single issue. Japanese reliability!

At the convention I met many car guys like me, and I felt like I fitted in better than I ever had before. My dad even joked that I "seem more comfortable with these 40-50-year old car guys than you do with your own friends." Unsurprisingly, I was the youngest Z car owner at the convention, and I had the opportunity to meet many amazing people. One of these people was the car's lead designer, Yoshihiko Matsuo, and he even signed the passenger-side sun visor!

The man sitting in my car is Mr. Matsuo, designer of the 240Z! The man sitting in my car is Mr. Matsuo, designer of the 240Z!

One thing that amazed me about the convention was how kind and willing to help everyone was. I took the car to the track, and unfortunately it was not running too well. A man by the name of Jim Frederick came over after he noticed my car was having some problems, and started working on the engine until it was running smoothly. It really showed me how tightly-knit the Z Car community is here in the U.S.

Being that this car is my only car, I drive it to school every day, and even though I drive the car so often, I sometimes find myself smiling uncontrollably behind the wheel. I don't know how to explain it, but the car just makes me happy. To this day I am still in a state of disbelief that I actually own it. I don't believe that I will ever sell this car - I hope to be able to hold on to it until I can afford to do a full restoration.

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