The Porsche Boxster EV Has Been Spotted With A Fake Exhaust

Cover-up or questionable design choice? We assume the former, but we’re in no doubt the Boxster EV is soon upon us now
The Porsche Boxster EV Has Been Spotted With A Fake Exhaust

It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to push the boat out in masking their prototype cars while out testing. Camouflage designed to hide lines and bodywork is commonplace, but sometimes you’ll get a few odd tricks like Lamborghini masking up the Huracan successor with Gallardo stickers, or Bentley even trying to pass off a Continental as a Mercedes S-Class. Now, Porsche is in on the game - trying to fool us all that the Boxster EV is an ICE.

Prototypes of the upcoming electric sports car have been spotted undergoing winter testing up in Scandinavia. If you look closely, you’ll notice one of the cars has one of those little metal exhaust thingies low down and central on its bumper. Oh, Porsche, you almost had us!

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Except it’s quite clearly a fake, with the opening leading to nothing but bumper. Give the video a listen, and you’ll notice the distinct lack of sound.

Not that we should be shocked. It’s been known for some time that the upcoming 983 Porsche Boxster, as well as the hardtop Cayman, will be making the switch to battery power. We’re yet to hear any official details on either car, but both are expected in 2025.

We can’t tell much about the mechanicals of the 983 based on the masked-up prototypes, but it’s clear there’s inspiration from the Mission R race car in its design.

Credit: CarSpyMedia
Credit: CarSpyMedia

If we’re to speculate, we’d expect it to launch with a single-motor, rear-driven version perhaps using the 402bhp motor seen in the entry-level Taycan. More potent versions will surely follow.

It’s believed Porsche originally wanted to sell the existing 718 alongside the 983 initially, giving the choice of a petrol or electric mid-engined sports car. However, due to EU cybersecurity rules, the 718 will no longer be offered in Europe from the middle of this year. There’s a chance both cars could be offered in other markets simultaneously, though. 


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