Peugeot Will Make A Glorious WEC Return, Road-Going Hypercar Inevitable

Peugeot is the latest manufacturer to be tempted back to Le Mans thanks to the new 'hypercar' regulations, with its WEC assault starting in 2022
Peugeot Will Make A Glorious WEC Return, Road-Going Hypercar Inevitable

It was gutting to see Peugeot pull out of the World Endurance Championship ahead of the 2012 season, but fast forward 10 years, and we’ll be seeing the French manufacturer back in the series.

Peugeot has confirmed it will join the World Endurance Championship’s new ‘hypercar class’ from 2022, using a “hybrid power hypercar”. Hell to the yes.

Beyond that, there are no official details - Peugeot has pledged to divulge more early next year. We can, however, safely assume that Peugeot will make a road-going version - ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest) rules stipulate that at least 20 production versions of each competing model have to be produced.

Rumour has it that Peugeot will field an overhauled version of the 908 HDi FAP, the brand’s final prototype racer. Just picture a de-liveried, slightly less mad 908 rolling along a public road - it’s a good image, isn’t it?

Assuming the teams currently signed up for debut season of the new regime (2020 - 2021) stick around, Peugeot will find itself competing against Aston Martin’s Valkyrie, the Toyota GR Super Sport and the Glickenhaus SCG 007.


Robert Gracie

I wonder if they will try Diesel-Hybrid or Petrol-Hybrid for their engine choice but this is getting better and better all we need is another big name ohh….McLaren to come in then we can have a big party!

11/14/2019 - 11:47 |
9 | 1

Would be awesome to see Ferrari return to the top class of le mans as well. Imagine a FXXK Endurance Racer.

11/14/2019 - 13:52 |
5 | 0

I mean, I know there’s a couple from GT5, but the more the merrier

11/14/2019 - 14:02 |
1 | 0
RWB Dude

This is amazing news

11/14/2019 - 15:30 |
1 | 0

You gotta love pugeot

12/12/2019 - 16:56 |
1 | 0

FAP: The Return

11/15/2019 - 00:22 |
1 | 0


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