New Patent Suggests A Rotary Mazda 'RX-9' Is Happening After All

A patent detailing a double-wishbone front suspension structure hints that Mazda may yet build the RX-7/RX-8 successor we all crave
New Patent Suggests A Rotary Mazda 'RX-9' Is Happening After All

Mazda seems to be embroiled in multiple ‘will they/won’t they’ scenarios right now. Will rotary engines be used as anything other than range extenders or not? Is there going to be a Mazda 3 hot hatch or should we abandon hope? Will it build an ‘RX-9’ sports car or is that a fanciful dream?

There have been conflicting reports for each, but right now, it’s looking like the answer is ‘no’ for the first one, and ‘quite possibly’ for the second two. As for why that is, we need to look at a patent filed by Mazda and unearthed by Japan’s Motor Magazine.

New Patent Suggests A Rotary Mazda 'RX-9' Is Happening After All

Mazda’s patent - titled ‘Vehicle Shock Absorption Structure’ - shows a spaceframe-style platform with a double-wishbone suspension setup made from aluminium. Considering this setup and the fact the design forces a front-mid layout - with the engine behind the front axle - it has to be concluded that this is for a sports car.

Also, there really doesn’t look like a lot of space back there for the powerplant, suggesting that a compact rotary engine may be the only realistic engine choice. It’d be hard to imagine Mazda’s incoming inline-six fitting in that gap.

New Patent Suggests A Rotary Mazda 'RX-9' Is Happening After All

According to Motor’s insider source at Mazda, the spaceframe platform - which will have carbonfibre-reinforced bodywork attached - is going to remain exclusive to one car. The report follows another patent filing by the Japanese firm earlier this year, which showed a twin-scroll turbocharger for use with a rotary engine.

Soon, it may be possible to buy both a brand new Toyota Supra and a rotary-powered Mazda RX sports car. What year is it?


Zubayer Rezoan
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RWB Dude

If its not officially confirmed that it’s a rotary powered car I don’t believe it is happening

09/23/2019 - 10:56 |
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Matthew Henderson

In reply to by RWB Dude

I agree, I’ll wait for Mazda to confirm it before I get hyped about it.

09/23/2019 - 16:09 |
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New RX, New Supra, New(ish) NSX….. Mitsubishi 3000GT next? Not to mention the many updates of the GTR

09/23/2019 - 11:43 |
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New Eclipse!!! Oh wait it’s hideous SUV….

09/23/2019 - 11:49 |
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The 3000 was a space ship when it came out. I vividly remember being absolutely in awe of all the features and tech…. if they could do it all again, man I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be.

09/23/2019 - 19:20 |
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Can’t wait to hear the “its not a real rx car” people.

09/23/2019 - 12:22 |
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HoW dArE iT nOt HaVe A mAnUal

09/23/2019 - 16:24 |
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Finally something that seems just a little like some great car news :D

09/23/2019 - 12:30 |
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I wonder if doritodriftospinnyboi™ is still on….

09/23/2019 - 13:05 |
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slevo beavo

Looks like a nice place to fit some batteries…….

09/23/2019 - 14:12 |
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I’ll believe it when it’s confirmed and I see because they keep saying it’s going to happen just to get us fans excited and then they go, “ight Imma head out”

09/23/2019 - 14:24 |
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