Mercedes Is Making A Tiny G-Wagen. We're Taking Bets On The Name

Mercedes-Benz announces that a "Little G" is coming soon, but what will it be called?
A green Mercedes-Benz G500 G-Class
A green Mercedes-Benz G500 G-Class

There's a new G-Wagon on the way... sort of.

Casually mentioned during the unveil of the latest CLA-Class Concept at the Munich motorshow, the "Little G" (as Merc boss Ola Kallenius called it) is a bit of a mystery. We've got no technical details or pictures – just a teaser image of a G-Class-like profile and a "g-Class" name where the G is lower case. Because it's smaller, you see? Top-class German bants.

Will it be officially called Little G, or (lower-case) g-Class? F-Class, perhaps, because it's one lower than G? What about Baby G, which would invite an obvious watch tie-up with Casio?

We do know that it'll be available in full electric form, which will be interesting to see, especially if it mirrors the go-anywhere off-road ability of the Upper Case G. Expect old-school internal combustion options, too, and four-wheel drive, obvs. The latest G-Class, launched in 2018, is a considerable leap up in luxury over the classic model, so we'd expect its tiny sibling to follow the same template when it comes to swankiness.

Obvious rivals will be cars like the Land Rover Defender and the Jeep Wrangler, and maybe heavily modified Suzuki Jimnys. You have our attention, Mercedes. Now woo us with some actual substance, please.


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