Kimera Reveals Its New 'What-If' Lancia 037 Restomod

The Kimera Evo38 is here with all-wheel drive – offering up a taste of what could’ve been had Lancia’s Group B project taken a different route
Kimera Evo38 - front
Kimera Evo38 - front

There’s no argument that the Lancia 037 is among the finest Group B rally cars. The mid-engine monster holds the 1983 WRC constructor’s title and even managed to keep pace with the all-conquering, all-wheel drive Audi Quattro for a couple of years before eventually being replaced with the Delta S4. It’s a wonder what may have happened had the 037 made the switch to all-wheel drive though, and now that question is being answered…

If you’re not already familiar with Kimera Automobili, you should be. The Italian restomod specialists have previously offered a reinvention of the Lancia 037 – the Evo37 – complete with a carbon fibre body and a 2.1-litre twin-charged four-cylinder engine nudging 500bhp.

Kimera Evo38 - detail
Kimera Evo38 - detail

As with the original 037, the Evo37 is rear-wheel drive. Now, however, Kimera has unveiled its next project, the Evo38. Created as an exploration of what could have been if Lancia had continued developing the 037 rather than switching to the Delta S4, it now sends its power to all four wheels.

The Evo38 takes its name from ‘SE038’ - the internal codename for the Lancia Delta S4. Rather than pay homage to that car though, it’s an updated version of the Evo37 and Kimera describes it as the ‘Integrale’ version of the car. Of course, it won’t be going rallying but the Evo38 will be a fully-legal road car.

Other details on the car remain hush for now, but the first images show a new rear windscreen full of vents and NACA ducts and a big carbon air intake, all of which suggest a bump in power (something that Kimera’s teaser campaign has also hinted at). That should nicely offset the added weight of the four-wheel drive system. It’s likely to still use the chassis of a Beta Montecarlo as its base. We’d anticipate a higher asking price as well – not that the Evo37 was cheap at around £400,000. 38 will be built – one more than the Evo37.

The Evo38 is making its public debut at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show on 26 February, with Kimera one of the few manufacturers making an appearance. Perhaps no bad thing, as it’ll give a very special car the limelight it deserves.


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