Brace Yourselves For A New BMW M4 CS In 2024

The boss of BMW M confirmed that a new M4 CS is on the way and will arrive the same year as the new M5 and M5 Touring
Brace Yourselves For A New BMW M4 CS In 2024

Next year will be packed full of new M cars. Along with the all-new M5 and M5 Touring plus facelifted 'life cycle impulse' versions of the M3 and M4, there'll be a fresh M4 CS. The plans for 2024 were confirmed during a presentation by BMW M CEO Frank van Meel at the launch of the new i5. 

No technical details for the car were given, but we only need to look at the BMW M3 CS, which we tested recently, to get an idea of how it'll shape up. The M3 CS has its B58 twin-turbo inline-six turned up to 542bhp, to complement chassis tweaks and various weight-saving measures including a carbon fibre bonnet. 

Brace Yourselves For A New BMW M4 CS In 2024

All told, 20kg has been shaved from the car, although being based on the all-wheel drive M3 xDrive, it's still a hefty thing.

It's unclear if the M4 CS will be an xDrive, but we suspect that'll be the case, as it'd help differentiate the CS from the existing M4 CSL. The latter also develops 542bhp and includes rather a lot of carbon fibre. The CSL was enormously expensive when still on sale at £128,820, so the M4 CS will prove a more affordable alternative, but not by much, if the M3 CS is anything to go by - BMW charges a whopping £116,000 for the thing, after all. 

Brace Yourselves For A New BMW M4 CS In 2024

At the event, Car Throttle was later in a roundtable interview with van Meel, who confirmed CS will last beyond the combustion era. Asked if the CS and CSL badges have a future in the electric age, he said: "Oh yes, they do". He added, "But will we see those manifest themselves differently in terms of what is applied to the car to make it a CS or a CS...we already have some ideas."


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