BMW Reminds Drivers To Use Their Car’s Indicators

The Munich-based carmaker took to Twitter to remind drivers to indicate before turning
BMW Reminds Drivers To Use Their Car’s Indicators

We all love a BMW, but drivers behind the wheel of the Munich-made driving machines have garnered a bit of a reputation for their, let’s say, ‘irregular’ use of turn signals over the years. While the stereotype doesn’t apply to every BMW owner, we’ve probably all seen at least one BMW driver who doesn’t use their car’s turn signals properly. It looks like BMW has finally acknowledged the issue in a tongue-in-cheek tweet posted to its official North American account.

The tweet simply reads, “Use your blinkers.” – a straightforward message to the account’s 650000 followers. However, with Twitter being Twitter, the post was met with various responses, with users jumping at the opportunity to add their two cents on the BMW-indicator conversation.

One user named Nicholas Cope responded, “We don’t need those, we drive BMWs.” Dave Banks also acknowledged the stereotype saying, “Wow BMW has blinkers fitted, is it a factory option?”. A BMW owner named Billy responded with a video showcasing his car’s faulty indicator stalk. That’s not a valid excuse for not using your indicators, Billy.

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In a later tweet, BMW USA went on to say, “We know BMW drivers are the best on the road, but the road can be an unpredictable place … That’s why we’re engineering some of the most advanced safety and driver assistance features in the world, like: Lane Departure Warning, Fatigue Alert, City Collision Mitigation (and) More”.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen BMW stir up some controversy on Twitter. Back in November 2020, BMW’s PR team apologised for a tweet which read “OK, Boomer. And what’s your reason not to change?” It followed the unveiling of the divisive BMW iX, and in particular some criticism telling the firm to “Go back to making BMWs”. The tweet was a blunder considering the £85,000 ($103,138.58) starting price of the iX, meaning the car would probably only be affordable to the ‘Boomers’ BMW was alienating. Whoops.

Needless to say that you can have as much ground-breaking technology and fancy equipment fitted to your BMW as you like, but it’s wasted if you don’t use your indicators when making a turn. Do you know a BMW driver who needs to see this tweet?


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