Every Single New Tesla Will Come With Fully Autonomous Hardware, But You Won't Be Able To Use It

Tesla has announced that it's to give every single one of its new cars the hardware for full 'Level 5' autonomy, but the software needed to access it won't be here until 2017

The Tesla Model S P100D Will Clock A 2.7sec 0-60 Time In The Wet

Torrential rain in Florida scuppered Drag Times' plans to get a new Model S P100D on the strip, but as a plan B the car had its 0-60mph time tested in the wet, with stunning results

A Tesla Model S Is Coming To The LAPD Fleet, And It'll Be A Proper Patrol Car

All sorts of weird and wonderful cars are given a police livery and a set of blue flashing lights for the sake of promotional purposes, but this latest addition to the LAPD fleet will be a proper, serving patrol car

Check Out How Much Faster The Tesla Model X's Falcon Wing Doors Open After An Update

Believe it or not, Tesla's latest over-the-air update for the Model X actually makes its fancy 'Falcon Wing' doors open faster by a noticeable margin

Here’s The Mad Tesla Model S That’ll Race In A New Electric GT Series

Here’s our first look at the race-spec, stripped-down and bonkers-looking Tesla Model S that’ll compete in a new electric GT series next year

Tesla Autopilot Now Has A Big Hissyfit If You Don't Use It Properly

Video footage shows how Autopilot v8.0 locks users out of the 'Autosteer' feature if they don't do as they're told

Owners Are Suing Tesla Because Their 'Insane' P85Ds Are Too Slow

Owners in Norway are suing Tesla because their P85Ds don't produce as much power as advertised

These Guys Managed To Hack A Tesla Despite Being 12 Miles Away

A team of Chinese researchers were able to control parts of a Model S, and found it was even possible to interfere with the car from many miles away

Watch A Tesla Model S P100D And Lamborghini Huracan Do Battle

There's a new, even faster Model S out, which can only mean one thing: YouTube will soon be overrun by even more Tesla drag race videos like this one. Who's your money on?

Did The First Fatal Tesla Autopilot Crash Actually Happen Back In January?

Tesla is investigating a crash that happened last January in China, which might actually be the first ever fatal Autopilot accident

6 Things That Could Be Powered By A Tesla P100D

What could be powered by the batteries of the blisteringly quick electric P100D?

'Ludicrous Water Challenge' Is The Fun Game Tesla Model S P90D Owners Can Play

Brooks Weisblat of Drag Times set his kids a challenge - if they could drink water in the back of his Model S without spilling, he'd revise his rules about partaking in refreshments in his car. Thanks to Ludicrous mode it didn't work out so well...

New Tesla Update Should Halve Autopilot Crashes

To be fair there haven't yet been many crashes where Tesla's Autopilot system has been fully to blame, but company founder Elon Musk says the latest software update should halve the system's serious errors Modified A Tesla And It’ll Make You Want To Gouge Your Eyes Out

This Tesla has been worked over by of the Black Eyed Peas and his 'IAMAUTO' tuning outfit. The results are, erm, interesting...

The New Tesla Model S P100D Is As Fast As A LaFerrari To 60mph

As if the P90D wasn't accelerative enough, Tesla's latest electric super saloon will blow internal combustion into next year