Mad Nurburgring-Spec Tesla Model S Will Go Into Production, Musk Says

The “final spec” Tesla uses to set its Nurburgring lap time will go into production next summer, its CEO has confirmed, although we’re not entirely sure what that means

Tesla Smart Summon Fails: Blame Humans, Not The Machines

Tesla recently released a remote summon function to some owners’ cars, technically as a beta test, but history has a few lessons on whether we can be trusted - and whether the owners are even the people we need to worry about

The Tesla Model 3-Fighting Polestar 2 Is £50k

The Polestar 2 is over £10,000 more than the cheapest version of its Tesla rival, but more affordable versions are on the way

Tesla Smart Summon Is Here But It Doesn't Look Ready For The Real World

The Smart Summon function that comes with Tesla's V10 software update is far from foolproof, as these videos show...

Tesla Has Left The 'Ring Without Posting A Time, Claims 07:05 May Be Possible

Tesla's first-ever Nurburgring excursion is over with an exact time posted, although the manufacturer is making bold claims about what it could achieve when returning next month

A Tesla Model S Has Smashed The Taycan's 'Ring Time, But It's Far From Standard

Tesla has reportedly lapped the Nurburgring 20 seconds faster than the Porsche Taycan, but the Model S used for the effort was extensively modified

A 'Plaid Mode' Triple Motor Tesla Model S Is Laguna Seca's Fastest Saloon

Following talk of a Nurburgring lap time attempt, a prototype Model S has set an unofficial record elsewhere

Here's What Novitec Has Done To The Tesla Model 3

German tuner Novitec has revealed a raft of visual upgrades for Tesla's entry-level car

This Tesla Model 3 Took A 12m Fall Off The Road

After the driver of this Model 3 suffered a suspected medical emergency at the wheel, his car left the road and tumbled down a 40-foot embankment into a daycare play area

Using Names Like 'Autopilot' For Assistance Systems Is Misleading, Survey Suggests

The IIHS has published a new study that suggests the names of some driver assistance systems - like Tesla's 'Autopilot' - are misleading drivers as to their capabilities

A Lego Enthusiast Has Built A Working 1:10 Scale Tesla Model X

It moves under its own power, has two-mode suspension and features four motorised doors – this is a seriously impressive enthusiast Lego Technic build

Brits Can Finally Order A Right-Hand Drive Tesla Model 3

After what seems like a marathon wait, Tesla has opened order books for the right-hand drive Model 3

Aggressive Tesla Autopilot Mode With "Slight Chance Of A Fender Bender" Apparently Coming

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made some bold predictions about the future of the company's technology at its 'Autonomy Day' Event

The Long-Awaited $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Is Already Dead

Tesla has removed the Model 3 Standard from its website and increased the price of the Standard Plus while adding Autopilot

FCA To Pay Tesla 'Hundreds Of Millions’ In EU Emissions Fine Dodge

In an astonishing work-around, Tesla vehicles in Europe will count towards FCA’s EU fleet average emissions