This Used Tesla Model S Is A Surprising Alternative To A New E-Class

Believe it or not, the cheapest used Tesla Model Ss are now down to the price of an entry-level Mercedes E-Class, and Supercharger access provides free mileage

The All-Electric Polestar 2 Wants A Fight With The Tesla Model 3

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There Is Now A Tesla Roadster In Space And Humans Are Awesome

Humankind gets far too self-congratulatory far too easily, but in this case we really do need to pat Elon Musk and the geniuses of SpaceX on the back

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This Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Is Here To Move Your Furniture

A specialist carbonfibre coachbuilder in Norfolk has built a shooting brake version of a Tesla Model S, and while it looks a bit odd at first, it's still very cool

NTSB Investigating After A Tesla Slammed Into Fire Engine At 65mph

Thankfully, no one was injured when the Model S hit a fire engine in Southern California

The Dual-Motor Tesla Model 3 Is Almost Upon Us

A dual-motor version of the Model 3 has been confirmed via configurator changes, and the first cars have already had their Vins registered

Bob Lutz Reckons Collectors Should Buy A Tesla Model S While They Still Can

The former General Motors exec has suggested that the Model S has collector potential, given the current issues Tesla is facing

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A 4-Cylinder Aston Martin Won't Happen, But An AM Tesla Roadster Rival Might

Aston Martin's CEO has ruled out a four-cylinder hybrid car, but Gaydon is pondering an all-electric Tesla Roadster rival

Tesla Just Announced The Latest Model 3 Production Delay

The Californian electric car company has revised its production targets for the Model 3 once again

A Ford F-150-Rivalling Tesla Pickup Will Happen After The Model Y

Elon Musk has confirmed his desire to make a Tesla pickup a reality, and has promised to focus on making it happen after the Model Y crossover emerges

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This Model S from Novitec has been given some (relatively) subtle aesthetic upgrades

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The Norfolk-based coachbuilder behind a stunning Model S shooting brake conversion has released a short video showing an almost-completed car