Tesla Is Seeking $167 Million In Damages From A Former Employee

In an ongoing lawsuit, Tesla is suing a former employee for a vast sum of money over claims that he stole confidential photos and lied about the company fitting damaged batteries

Can This Jeep Trackhawk Beat A Tesla Model X In A Straight Line?

This drag race pits the Hellcat-engined Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk against the all-conquering Model X P100D and a Mercedes-AMG GLC 63

Can A Tesla Model X Beat A Lamborghini Aventador S In A Straight Line?

This drag race from Car Wow pits the most powerful Model X against a V12 supercar

Tesla Cars Will Soon Be Able To Charge On Non-Tesla Chargers

European Teslas will be able to charge using generic standardised charging stations, it has been revealed, with adapters for Models S and X

A Software Update Turns The Tesla Model 3 Into A Drift Monster

An over-the-air update for the Model 3 Performance adds Track Mode, which will allow the all-wheel drive system to heavily bias the rear axle

Here's The Porsche Taycan Being Benchmarked Against A Tesla Model S

Porsche's first ever fully-electric vehicle has been spotted on the Stelvio Pass undergoing benchmarking tests

Tesla Has Removed Its ‘Full Self-Driving’ Mode

Tesla has removed the Full Self-Driving mode from the options lists of its current models, after customers were apparently confused about the system’s capabilities

The Model 3 Is Riddled With Design Errors That Cost Tesla Money

After a complete teardown of a Model 3, analysts have found that the car is heavy and needlessly complex

Tesla Shares Takes A Hit As Elon Musk Mocks The SEC On Twitter

Having just reached a deal with the SEC over "false and misleading" Tweets, the Tesla CEO has had a pop at the organisation... on Twitter

Elon Musk Resigns As Tesla Chairman Amid SEC Investigation

The Tesla boss’ tweets about taking the company private have had strong consequences

Fraud Lawsuit Could Ban Elon Musk From Running Tesla

Elon Musk has been accused of securities fraud at the highest level, with one very possible outcome that of his messy departure from the company - forever

The Mercedes EQC Is Stuttgart's Tesla Model X Beater

Mercedes' new all-electric SUV is plenty practical and has a decent range, but its styling is what you might call 'conservative'...

Behold: A Flying Tesla Model S

A driver in Ontario has been arrested for dangerous driving after jumping a Tesla over a steep railway crossing

Tesla Receives Subpoena Over Elon Musk Privatisation Tweets

Tesla has received a subpoena amid claims that Elon Musk's privatisation Tweet was misleading to investors

Tesla Managed To Make 5000 Model 3s Last Week

Last week, the Californian manufacturer produced 7000 cars in total, 5000 of which were Model 3s