Tesla Suffers Another Setback, Recalls 130,000 Cars Over Infotainment Issue

The software issue has impacted Tesla’s Model S, 3, X and Y from 2021 and 2022

Weismann Thunderball Is The 671bhp Tesla Roadster You Can Actually Buy

Getting bored of waiting for an electric Roadster? The Thunderball slams from 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds

Watch A Tesla Model Y Crash Into A $3.5M Private Jet, Possibly In Summon Mode

The Tesla Model Y may have crashed while driving autonomously in Summon Mode

Elon Musk Confirms 2023 Production Date For Tesla Cybertruck, Roadster and Semi

We may finally be seeing some of Tesla’s highly anticipated EVs hit the road

592bhp Lotus Eletre SUV Is Britain’s New Tesla Rival

The Eletre marks a new era for the British sports car brand

Brand New Tesla Model S Totalled After Ludicrous Jump

Misjudged Tesla jump smashes car to pieces after its lands nose first, bottoming out on the tarmac

Tesla Model 3 Has Its Battery Removed To Make Way For A Diesel Engine

Rich Rebuilds’ follow-up to the V8-powered ‘Ice-T’ Tesla Model S is a Model 3 powered by a Cummins diesel engine

No Tesla Cyber Truck Or Roadster In 2022, Musk Confirms

In Tesla's 2021 Q4 earnings call, Elon Musk confirmed something that'll surprise no one - the Roadster and Cybertruck won't be released this year

Tesla Model S Driver Charged With Manslaughter Over Autopilot Crash In US First

A Tesla driver has become the first person in the USA to be charged with vehicular manslaughter for crashing while using a semi-autonomous driver assistance system

Company Offering Round Tesla Model S Yoke Conversion

Tesla tuner T Sportline is modifying Tesla's controversial yoke "for those looking for a traditional full 360 steering wheel"

V8 Tesla Model S Is 750kg Lighter Than Stock, Sounds Great On The Dyno

Rich Rebuilds has put the 'Ice-T' Model S on the dyno and revealed just how much weight it's lost

Man Creates World’s First Jet-Propelled Tesla Model S

It’s powered by three jet engines, and he says he only ever uses jet propulsion when driving it!

Hearing The World's First V8-Swapped Tesla In Action Is Downright Bizarre

Following the grand debut of the V8-swapped 'Ice T' Model S at the SEMA show, Rich Rebuilds has posted a video of the car in motion

Here's An Update On The World's First V8-Swapped Tesla

'Ice-T', the first-ever Tesla powered by a V8, has been given a custom exhaust for its LS3 to make shouty noises through

Tesla Claims Nurburgring EV Production Record With Model S Plaid

Elon Musk has tweeted a timesheet showing a 7min 30.9sec 'Ring lap, and footage has been posted of a slightly slower effort