Tesla Model S Driver Walks Away From Monumental Lorry Smash

A Model S in Germany kept its driver safe during a huge high-speed crash on the autobahn

Watch The New Tesla Model S Electric GT Car In Action

The Electric GT championship has released a video of the Tesla that'll appear in the series next year, detailing various technical aspects of the vehicle

Don't Expect A Tesla Model 3 Before The End Of 2018, Analyst Reckons

A Morgan Stanley analyst is predicting that would-be Model 3 owners will be waiting longer for their cars than previously expected

Sci-Fi Awesomeness Is What Tesla Autopilot Actually Sees

Elon Musk has released a video of a Tesla driving along urban and country roads on full Autopilot, featuring live feeds of what the car is actually seeing, and it makes for compulsive viewing

You Can Charge A Tesla By Towing It, But You Probably Shouldn't

A Model X owner in Norway towed a Model S and recorded the whole thing, with the latter car shown to be charging via the re-generation effect in the process

Tesla Is About To Cut Off Its Free Supercharger Access Deal

We always knew it was a bit too good to be true, but reality has caught up with Tesla's free supply of power to its owners. As of the new year, new orders won't have free recharging included without an extra fee

How Much Faster Is The Tesla Model S P100D About To Get?

An incoming Easter egg that "uncorks the full performance" of the P100D is on the way, so just how much is the car's incredible 2.5sec 0-60 about to drop?

This Fatal Tesla Crash Resulted In A Massive Fire

Two people were killed after a Tesla Model S hit a tree in Indianapolis, causing a huge fire

Tesla Flies 30 Feet Through The Air, Lands On A Mercedes And Crashes Into Dealership

The 'why' and 'how' is still not known, but what is clear is that this Tesla flew some 30 feet through the air, landing on new E Class and smashing into the dealership. This is the aftermath...

Every Single New Tesla Will Come With Fully Autonomous Hardware, But You Won't Be Able To Use It

Tesla has announced that it's to give every single one of its new cars the hardware for full 'Level 5' autonomy, but the software needed to access it won't be here until 2017

The Tesla Model S P100D Will Clock A 2.7sec 0-60 Time In The Wet

Torrential rain in Florida scuppered Drag Times' plans to get a new Model S P100D on the strip, but as a plan B the car had its 0-60mph time tested in the wet, with stunning results

A Tesla Model S Is Coming To The LAPD Fleet, And It'll Be A Proper Patrol Car

All sorts of weird and wonderful cars are given a police livery and a set of blue flashing lights for the sake of promotional purposes, but this latest addition to the LAPD fleet will be a proper, serving patrol car

Check Out How Much Faster The Tesla Model X's Falcon Wing Doors Open After An Update

Believe it or not, Tesla's latest over-the-air update for the Model X actually makes its fancy 'Falcon Wing' doors open faster by a noticeable margin

Here’s The Mad Tesla Model S That’ll Race In A New Electric GT Series

Here’s our first look at the race-spec, stripped-down and bonkers-looking Tesla Model S that’ll compete in a new electric GT series next year