Man Creates World’s First Jet-Propelled Tesla Model S

It’s powered by three jet engines, and he says he only ever uses jet propulsion when driving it!

Hearing The World's First V8-Swapped Tesla In Action Is Downright Bizarre

Following the grand debut of the V8-swapped 'Ice T' Model S at the SEMA show, Rich Rebuilds has posted a video of the car in motion

Here's An Update On The World's First V8-Swapped Tesla

'Ice-T', the first-ever Tesla powered by a V8, has been given a custom exhaust for its LS3 to make shouty noises through

Tesla Claims Nurburgring EV Production Record With Model S Plaid

Elon Musk has tweeted a timesheet showing a 7min 30.9sec 'Ring lap, and footage has been posted of a slightly slower effort

An Open Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Door Is No Match For A London Bus

A Model X was filmed in North London driving away with one of its 'Falcon Wing' doors open, with disastrous consequences

Watch This Tesla Model S Plaid Silently Lap Laguna Seca Faster Than A 911 GT2

Unplugged Performance’s Model S Plaid lapped the iconic American racetrack in under 90 seconds

The Tesla Model S Has Hit 60mph In 1.99s But Under Very Specific Conditions

Engineering Explained goes through why the headline-grabbing Model S Plaid isn’t quite as fast as Tesla says it is

Here's What It's Like To Use The Tesla Model S 'Yoke' IRL

Initial Model S deliveries have indeed involved 'yokes' in place of conventional steering wheels, and they look...interesting to use

Backseat Tesla Driver Taunts Police, Gets Arrested (Again)

A 25-year-old has been arrested for a second time for riding in the backseat of his Model 3 with Autopilot running

Here's The First-Ever V8-Swapped Tesla Firing Up

Rich Rebuilds' immensely labour-intensive V8-transplanted Model S has been started up for the first time, but there's still a long way to go

Driver's Seat Was Empty During Fatal Tesla Model S Crash

Authorities have revealed that no one was in the driver's seat of a Tesla when it crashed near Houston, killing its two occupants

New CyberLandr Turns Tesla Cybertruck Into Bonkers Campervan

The $50,000 camper unit is stowed in the truck’s bed and is said to allow several weeks spent off-grid

Musk Interviewed By Analyst Who Compared Tesla Model 3 Build Quality To 90s Kia

Tesla CEO Elon Musk sat down with engineer Sandy Munro for a surprisingly frank discussion about the company's quality control problems

Please Feign Surprise: The Tesla Roadster Is Delayed Until 2022

In a Tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the '2020' Roadster will go into production next year

Updated Tesla Model S Has Silly Steering 'Wheel' And 1000bhp Plaid Powertrain

Tesla has given the Model S its second major refresh, bringing with it an overhauled cabin and a new tri-motor powertrain option