Tesla Is Halting Model 3 Production Yet Again To Fix Problems

Electric car maker Tesla has announced another temporary break in Model 3 production while yet more issues are addressed...

The Dodge Demon Vs Tesla Model S Race Is Much Closer On Fresh Tyres

After being blown away on heavily-worn slick tyres a couple of weeks ago, the Dodge Demon is back to challenge the Tesla Model S P100D on new rubber

Tesla's Model 3 Is Still Out-Built By 70 Other Cars On US Soil

While Tesla celebrates finally passing the 2000 cars per week mark, industry observers have pointed out how slow and inefficient the process still is...

Tesla Defends Autopilot Again After A Fatal Model X Crash

Following a fatal accident where a Tesla Model X was driving on Autopilot, Elon Musk has spoken out to defend the tech

Tesla Driver Avoids Ticket For Driving With His Feet Out Of The Window

The footloose driver might have won an appeal of his citation in a Los Angeles traffic court, but not because Autopilot can get you out of a traffic ticket

Watch A Tesla Model X Crush A 5.7-litre Camaro In A Tug Of War

In many ways it's just cruel to pit the mountain of mass and torque that is the Tesla Model X against an ordinary muscle car, but don't let that stop you watching

Audi Will Launch A Fully Electric Tesla Model S Rival In 2020

By borrowing Porsche's Mission E platform, Audi has been able to bring forward a four-door electric saloon project to 2020

This Tesla Model 3 Burned A Set Of Brake Pads In Just 9 Track Miles

At a Laguna Seca track day, this Model 3 owner discovered just how quickly his car will grind through a whole set of brake pads

Tesla Model 3 Production Was Suspended To Sort Bottleneck Issues

Model 3 production woes continue, but it's hoped a recent factory shut down will help Tesla stay on target

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Is No Match For A Tesla Model X

The Hellcat-engined Trackhawk may be fast in a straight line, but the Model X P100D is faster still...

A Former Employee Claims Tesla Knowingly Sold Defective Cars

An ex-Tesla employee has filed a lawsuit claiming that the electric car maker knowingly sold faulty and damage-repaired cars without telling consumers

Watch A Tesla Semi Truck Lay Down Rubber While Accelerating Hard

A short video of Tesla's first lorry accelerating has emerged, and it's both weird and awesome...

This Used Tesla Model S Is A Surprising Alternative To A New E-Class

Believe it or not, the cheapest used Tesla Model Ss are now down to the price of an entry-level Mercedes E-Class, and Supercharger access provides free mileage

The All-Electric Polestar 2 Wants A Fight With The Tesla Model 3

It's still two years away from production, but the Polestar 2 wants to give the Tesla Model 3 something serious to think about...

There Is Now A Tesla Roadster In Space And Humans Are Awesome

Humankind gets far too self-congratulatory far too easily, but in this case we really do need to pat Elon Musk and the geniuses of SpaceX on the back