A Tesla Model S P100D Has Just Run The Standing Quarter In 10.6 Seconds

This is a new best for a car already known for its devastating drag strip performance, with a cheeky drop in tyre pressures part of what made it possible.

This Tesla Autopilot Crash Shows Why You Still Have To Pay Attention In Semi-Autonomous Cars

Impressive though semi-autonomous systems like Autopilot are, it's really not a good idea to fully leave them to the task of driving, as this Model S crash demonstrates

Tesla Will Repair Model S Belonging To Man Who Damaged His To Save Another Driver

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will cover the repair costs for a Model S used to stop a runaway VW

What The Hell Is Going On With Tesla Model S Wheels On Impact?

IIHS crash test footage of a 2016 Tesla Model S reveal a very disturbing problem with the car's wheels on impact, where they shatter...

Electric GT’s Tesla Model S Is A 778bhp Racing Beast

Electric GT will burst onto the motorsport scene in 2017 with its first season. We’ve learned more information on its Tesla Model S race car and the figures are pretty striking

Tesla Has Revealed How Much Supercharger Access Will Cost Future Owners

For most future Model S and X owners, Supercharger access will remain free, but go over the limit and you'll have to cough up

Here's How You Use The Tesla Model S P100D's New 'Ludicrous Plus' Mode

Tesla's latest Easter egg - which drops the P100D's 0-60mph to 2.4 seconds - can be seen in action here

Don't Believe The Hype: Faraday Future Will Not Be A Tesla Rival Next Year

Much as our attention was caught by Faraday Future's bold claims for its FF91 electric-powered rocket ship on wheels, closer inspection reveals plenty of problems

2017 Nissan GT-R Vs Tesla Model S: Acceleration Battle

Can a Model S 90D out-accelerate the similarly-priced 2017 GT-R? CarWow finds out with a selection of interesting tests!

This Tesla Owner Is Having Serious Problems With His Steering

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee has released a video about a power steering fault that keeps coming back to his Model S P100D

Tesla Model S Driver Walks Away From Monumental Lorry Smash

A Model S in Germany kept its driver safe during a huge high-speed crash on the autobahn

Watch The New Tesla Model S Electric GT Car In Action

The Electric GT championship has released a video of the Tesla that'll appear in the series next year, detailing various technical aspects of the vehicle

Don't Expect A Tesla Model 3 Before The End Of 2018, Analyst Reckons

A Morgan Stanley analyst is predicting that would-be Model 3 owners will be waiting longer for their cars than previously expected

Sci-Fi Awesomeness Is What Tesla Autopilot Actually Sees

Elon Musk has released a video of a Tesla driving along urban and country roads on full Autopilot, featuring live feeds of what the car is actually seeing, and it makes for compulsive viewing

You Can Charge A Tesla By Towing It, But You Probably Shouldn't

A Model X owner in Norway towed a Model S and recorded the whole thing, with the latter car shown to be charging via the re-generation effect in the process