Turns Out You Can Fit A V8 In A Tesla Model S

Rich Rebuilds is attempting to build the first running V8-transplanted Model S, and is off to a tremendous start

The Tesla Model S-Rivalling Nio ET7 Has 644bhp An A 150kWh Battery

Nio has revealed its latest electric vehicle, which is available wit ha giant 150kWh battery pack

Tesla Model S Roof Filmed Making A Bid For Freedom

A Model S was filmed by a dashcam in China as its roof flew off at speed, prompting Tesla to blame an authorised third-party repair shop

Tesla Says Its 'Full Self Driving' Beta "May Do The Wrong Thing At The Worst Time"

Tesla has rolled out the beta version of its 'Full Self Driving' mode to select US customers, but users have been given various warnings about the technology's limitations

This Tesla Model 3 Is Faster On Track Than A McLaren F1

Thanks to a plethora of chassis and aero modifications, this Tesla Model 3 has beaten the legendary F1’s time around a famous Japanese circuit

Driver Crashes Tesla Model 3 While Adjusting Wipers, Has License Suspended

A driver in Germany has been banned from driving for a month after crashing while adjusting his Model 3's wiper speed on the vehicle's touchscreen

The Tesla Model S Is Now Available With A 402-Mile Range

All North American examples of the Model S Long Range Plus now have an EPA-rated range of 402 miles thanks to various improvements

If You Really Musk, This Company Will Turn Your Tesla Model 3 Into A Cabriolet

Newport Convertible Engineering is offering to turn your Model 3 into a drop-top, with curious results...

Musk Offers To Be Arrested As Tesla Factory Reopens Against County Order

Tesla has restarted production at its Freemont factory in breach of Alameda County's shelter-in-place order

Tesla Sues Local Authority To Reopen Factory As Musk Threatens Move To "Texas/Nevada"

Elon Musk has threatened to move much of Tesla's operation to Texas or Nevada, as the company sues Alameda County in a bid to reopen its factory

You Can Buy This One-Off Tesla Model S 'Shooting Brake' (If You Have £200k Spare)

The unique Niels van Roij-designed 'Model SB' is up for sale, but the price of taking the keys is sky-high...

How It'd Look If Every Car Was Styled Like A Tesla Cybertruck

Someone decided to render a bunch of cars in an angular Cybertruck fashion, and we're not sure how we feel about the results...

This Russian Knock-Off Tesla CyberTruck Is Built On Top Of A UAZ

The guys from Russian YouTube channel Garage54 have built a brilliant replica CyberTruck using an elongated UAZ as a base

Chris Harris Mocks The Tesla Cybertruck, Calls It ‘Risible’

Oh dear. Although Top Gear presenter Chris Harris doesn’t think the Tesla Cybertruck looks too bad, he thinks it’s “a bit of a p*ss-take…”

Here's Why The Tesla Cybertruck Tug Of War Proved Nothing

Tesla's tug of war with a Ford F-150 was pointless, as Engineering Explained will tell you in detail