Daimler Accused Of Wrecking Rented Tesla Model X During Tear-Down

Daimler rented a privately-owned Model X and then subjected it to a barrage of punishing tests and tear-downs, apparently leaving it a ruin of what it used to be

Right Now Tesla Is Haemorrhaging $8000 Every Minute

Analysts are saying Tesla's spending is unsustainable, but the eventual massive uplift in Model 3 production should be the company's saviour

The 8.8-Sec 1/4-Mile Tesla Roadster Will Get Even Faster

Being able to crush any other production car on the drag strip isn't enough, apparently, as Elon Musk hints at a faster incarnation of the new Roadster, which already hits 100mph in 4.2 seconds...

The Tesla Semi Is Here With A 500 Mile Range And A 5sec 0-60mph Time

Tesla has revealed its very first lorry, promising a 500 mile range and fast charging times

Someone's Building A Tesla Model S 'Shooting Brake' Wagon

A Model S P90D is undergoing a radical transformation at a coachbuilders in Norfolk, all because of a dog...

The Tesla Model S Apparently Puts Out More Whole-Life Emissions Than A Petrol Supermini

The topic of whole-life emissions is a hot potato when it comes to electric cars, which often require very dirty production methods. A new MIT study has proven what EV makers don't want to hear... sort of

Here's A Massively In-Depth Look At The Tesla Model 3's Good And Bad Bits

Doug DeMuro provides one of his most thorough inspections yet, as he casts an analytical eye over Tesla's 3-series rival

This Tesla Model S Vs Renault Zoe Showdown Is Actually Quite Close

Is the Model S P100D actually worth the huge premium over a small electric car? Time to find out...

Tesla Has Reported Its Biggest-Ever Losses As Model 3 Production Still Lags

Last year's small third-quarter profits are a distant memory for the Californian car maker, as this year it falls hundreds of millions of dollars into the red

Nissan Is Chasing Tesla With Its First Fully Autonomous Car

Nissan has begun testing its first fully-autonomous car in Tokyo, and the company says it aims to have a customer-ready version on the streets within three years

These Beautifully Hypnotic Tesla Production Line Videos Are Better Than Therapy

Warning: don't attempt to drive or operate heavy machinery right after you watch these mesmerising videos uploaded by Elon Musk

Even With A Poor Start This Tesla Model S Annihilates An RS6, E63 S And M760LI

This heavyweight drag race pits the Model S P100D against the BMW M760LI, Audi RS6 Performance and Mercedes-AMG E63

Close-Up Look At The Tesla Model 3 Reveals Good And Bad Points

A detailer has posted two videos that give us a thorough look at the Model 3's various features, and in some areas, the lack of...

This Might Well Be The New Tesla Semi Truck

What looks to be Tesla's incoming semi truck has been photographed completely undisguised