The Mercedes EQC Is Stuttgart's Tesla Model X Beater

Mercedes' new all-electric SUV is plenty practical and has a decent range, but its styling is what you might call 'conservative'...

Behold: A Flying Tesla Model S

A driver in Ontario has been arrested for dangerous driving after jumping a Tesla over a steep railway crossing

Tesla Receives Subpoena Over Elon Musk Privatisation Tweets

Tesla has received a subpoena amid claims that Elon Musk's privatisation Tweet was misleading to investors

Tesla Managed To Make 5000 Model 3s Last Week

Last week, the Californian manufacturer produced 7000 cars in total, 5000 of which were Model 3s

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The Jaguar I-Pace impressed at its press launch, but how does it fare against its Tesla rivals in a good old-fashioned drag race?

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A Dutch coachbuilder has debuted its custom-built Model S wagon in London, and it'll be making a run of 20

The Tesla Roadster's 'SpaceX Pack' Will Make It Even Faster

During a shareholder conference, Elon Musk promised an even quicker version of Tesla's incoming Roadster

Nearly A Quarter Of Tesla Model 3 Reservations Reportedly Refunded

With no end in sight for Tesla's Model 3 production issues, it seems many customers are losing patience

All-Electric Maserati Alfieri Incoming, Will Do 0-60mph In Under Two Seconds

The four-year-old Alfieri concept is becoming a production reality at last, with hybrid and fully-electric powertrains

Just How Worn Out Is A 106,000-Mile Tesla Model S's Battery?

Used car madman Tyler Hoover has just come over all environmentally conscious and bought the cheapest Tesla Model S in the USA... but how is the battery doing?

Another Tesla Autopilot Crash Has Wrecked A Model 3 In Greece

In what's believed to be the first case of an active Autopilot crash on European soil, a Tesla Model 3 has been wrecked after suddenly swerving off a motorway and into a crash barrier

Consumer Reports Won’t Recommend The Tesla Model 3 Because Of Rubbish Brakes

The American consumer magazine highlighted a number of issues with the Model 3, such as a worse stopping distance than a Ford F-150 truck

The $78k Tesla Model 3 Performance Will Do 0-60mph In 3.5s

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed numerous details about an incoming Performance version of the Model 3

Yet Another Tesla Autopilot Crash Has Been Blamed On Driver Error

Tesla drivers are being urged to treat Autopilot as a driver assist, not a chauffeur, as driver inattention is blamed for yet another crash

This Tesla Model X Pulling A Plane Is Absolutely Not A Distraction

Tesla's cars have a lot of torque. This we know. However, the latest publicity stunt featuring a Model X pulling a commercial jet is plainly trying to distract us from Tesla's real problems...