Tesla Managed To Make 5000 Model 3s Last Week

Last week, the Californian manufacturer produced 7000 cars in total, 5000 of which were Model 3s

What Happens When A Jag I-Pace Drag Races A Tesla Model X 100D And P100D?

The Jaguar I-Pace impressed at its press launch, but how does it fare against its Tesla rivals in a good old-fashioned drag race?

A New Tesla Model S Shooting Brake Is Here And It's Stunning

A Dutch coachbuilder has debuted its custom-built Model S wagon in London, and it'll be making a run of 20

The Tesla Roadster's 'SpaceX Pack' Will Make It Even Faster

During a shareholder conference, Elon Musk promised an even quicker version of Tesla's incoming Roadster

Nearly A Quarter Of Tesla Model 3 Reservations Reportedly Refunded

With no end in sight for Tesla's Model 3 production issues, it seems many customers are losing patience

All-Electric Maserati Alfieri Incoming, Will Do 0-60mph In Under Two Seconds

The four-year-old Alfieri concept is becoming a production reality at last, with hybrid and fully-electric powertrains

Just How Worn Out Is A 106,000-Mile Tesla Model S's Battery?

Used car madman Tyler Hoover has just come over all environmentally conscious and bought the cheapest Tesla Model S in the USA... but how is the battery doing?

Another Tesla Autopilot Crash Has Wrecked A Model 3 In Greece

In what's believed to be the first case of an active Autopilot crash on European soil, a Tesla Model 3 has been wrecked after suddenly swerving off a motorway and into a crash barrier

Consumer Reports Won’t Recommend The Tesla Model 3 Because Of Rubbish Brakes

The American consumer magazine highlighted a number of issues with the Model 3, such as a worse stopping distance than a Ford F-150 truck

The $78k Tesla Model 3 Performance Will Do 0-60mph In 3.5s

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed numerous details about an incoming Performance version of the Model 3

Yet Another Tesla Autopilot Crash Has Been Blamed On Driver Error

Tesla drivers are being urged to treat Autopilot as a driver assist, not a chauffeur, as driver inattention is blamed for yet another crash

This Tesla Model X Pulling A Plane Is Absolutely Not A Distraction

Tesla's cars have a lot of torque. This we know. However, the latest publicity stunt featuring a Model X pulling a commercial jet is plainly trying to distract us from Tesla's real problems...

Tesla Promo Shows Roadster Interior And Teases Mystery Vehicle

A mystery car has shown up in a new Tesla promo video, prompting widespread speculation

Tesla Is Hemorrhaging Cash And Could Run Dry Before The End Of 2018

A new report from Bloomberg highlights the precarious position Tesla is in right now, and it doesn't look pretty

Watch The Moment A Tesla Model X Smashed Into A Gym

In what looks to be a classic case of pedal confusion, a Model X driver in Florida managed to plough into a gym