Lotus And Volvo Are Set To Share An Engine Supply

Lotus’ Chinese owner wants to use the same engines across Geely, Volvo, Lynk & Co and others - and hybrid engines are likely

Lotus Has A New Logo For The First Time Since 1989

English sports car maker Lotus has unveiled a new iteration of its yellow and green roundel, the first major change since the 1980s

Lotus Evija Is A Surprisingly Lightweight Electric Hypercar With 2000bhp

The Evija ushers in a new era for Lotus, with a power output approaching 2000bhp and a weight figure of only 1680kg

The Rimac-Battling Lotus Type 130 Electric Hypercar Will Be Here In July

Lotus has confirmed that its Type 130 all-electric hypercar will be revealed to the world on 16 July

Lotus Is Building An All-Electric Hypercar To Combat Rimac

Lightweight sports car specialist Lotus is turning its attention to the big boys of the hypercar game with an all-new BEV hypercar

There Are Three Lotus Carltons And An 838-Mile Escort Cosworth At This Auction

Three examples of the mighty Vauxhall Lotus Carlton will be going under the hammer at the Race Retro auction this weekend

Lotus And Williams Have Teamed Up, And It Might Involve A £2m Hypercar

Lotus has announced a "strategic technical partnership" with Williams Advanced Engineering - could this be to do with the rumoured £2 million electric hypercar?

Lotus Wishes You A 'Merry Driftmas' With A Tree-Carrying Evora

In a tribute to all those sports car owners who simply find a way to get their Christmas tree home regardless of their lack of boot space, Lotus has done the same with an Evora

Lotus Wants To Build A £2 Million Electric Hypercar

In what, on the face of it, seems to be a risky attempt to run before it can walk, Lotus is planning to go electric the un-subtle way

This Is The Angriest-Sounding Lotus Exige We've Ever Heard

The star of this conspicuously noisy video is a 500bhp Lotus Exige with a titanium exhaust I

Can You Help Find The Long-Lost Lotus Mark I?

The car described as the holy grail of Lotus history has officially been lost since the 1950s, but now the company wants your help to find it… or what’s left of it

A £2bn Investment Could Turn Lotus Into ‘England’s Porsche’

Like Porsche, Lotus has a proud history of great road and track cars, but unlike Porsche, Lotus is short on investment cash to build a better future… until now

Let’s Remember How Bonkers The 2010 Lotus Esprit Concept Was

As the Lotus leadership changes shape again, we take a look back at the most surprising, dramatic and ultimately doomed concept car in recent memory