Say Hello To The Lightly Tweaked Lexus RC

Lexus' coupe has been given a refresh, and there's a new version of the V8-powered RC F on the way too

Here’s What’s Wrong With A 983,000-Mile Lexus LS400

A fault-finding mission on a Lexus LS400 with almost a million miles under its belt uncovers thousands of dollars of urgent repair work

Feast Your Eyeballs On This Stunning New Lexus LFA ‘Art Car’

Produced for a display at this weekend's 24 Hours of Spa endurance race, where Lexus is competing with its RC F GT3, this LFA art car might just steal a bit of attention

The More Dynamic New Lexus ES Wants A Fight With The 5 Series

Lexus has introduced the ES badge to Europe with this all-new model, raising its dynamic game with a new chassis and drivetrain

Lexus Is Axing The GS In The UK And Replacing It With This

Lexus' mid-size saloon is meeting an early grave in the UK, with a new model badged 'ES' said to be replacing it soon

This 680bhp Lexus GS Is A Four-Door 2JZ Hero

If a manual, turbocharged Supra has two too few doors for you, here's an interesting alternative to think about...

The Lexus UX Is Coming, And Its Grille Game Is Strong

Lexus has released the first image of its BMW X1-rivalling "urban compact crossover," which will be fully revealed at Geneva

Lexus Was Laughing At Dieselgate Before It Even Happened

They say hindsight is 20/20, but in a post-dieselgate world it seems that Lexus, even 20 years ago, saw the future as vividly as if the brand had been there already

Three V8 Lexus Models Have Been Recalled Over Faulty Fuel Pumps

Lexus has recalled three V8-powered cars; the RC F, the GS F and the LC 500 over fuel pumps that could get damaged and start to leak

New Twin-Turbo 600bhp V8 And A Roof Chop Slated For The Lexus LC

With the LC coupe already raising awareness and interest in the Lexus brand, executives are planning to expand the range with a convertible and an 'F' halo model

Lexus Could Launch A Range Rover Rival At The Detroit Motor Show

Promising a new flagship crossover that sets new standards for luxury, Lexus may just be showing a concept for the next RX... or it could be targeting the Range Rover

This Lexus LC500 Vs LFA Comparison's Only Purpose Is Making Glorious Noise

The LFA legend was a totally different kind of car in both purpose and execution to today's LC500 sports car, but both make stupendously good noises so why not bring them together?

Sound The Alarm: There Are Still Brand New, Unregistered Lexus LFAs Out There

According to Lexus in the US, there are currently 12 brand-new, never-registered LFAs in that country alone, and we've suddenly found ourselves short of breath

Lexus Is Going All German With A 4.0-Litre, 592bhp Twin-Turbo V8

In an effort to out-muscle both the German super-saloons and the Nissan GT-R Nismo, Lexus is rumoured to be switching its much-liked 5.0-litre V8 for a smaller, twin-turbo unit similar to those used in Europe