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Official: The Holden Brand Will Be Killed Off For Good

All Holden sales, design and engineering activities will end "by 2021" in Australia and New Zealand

Holden Is Dropping Cars Altogether To Focus On SUVs

It only seems like last week that Holden took its last production presence out of Australia, but now it’s going one step further and ditching conventional cars altogether

Move Over Holden: The Kia Stinger GT Is Australia's Newest Police Car

Queensland Police is replacing its fleet of Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons with Kia Stinger GTs

Production Of Holden GTSR W1 Begins As The Final Australian-Built Flagship Sells Out

With Holden production at an end, the company has put together one last hurrah for its fastest and most extreme Commodore ever; the GTSR W1

Watch As A Brazen Car Thief Walks Into A Workshop And Drives Off In A Holden

Shocking CCTV footage shows the moment a man casually walked into a New South Wales garage and drove off in a Holden Commodore

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6 Awesome Imports Now Ready For American Shores

Import laws in the U.S. require a 25-year waiting period to purchase autos unmodified from their original overseas specs. That's a long time, but these six machines are finally ready (or almost ready) and absolutely worth the wait

This Guy Is Surprisingly Nonchalant About Smashing His Holden Ute To Bits

A snaking burnout went a little wrong for a Holden Ute driver at March's Longford Revival festival...

You Could Buy A 424bhp Vauxhall VXR8 For The Same Price As The New Corsa VXR

The new Corsa VXR looks like decent value at £18k, but if you take that stack of cash to the used market, you could get yourself a considerably more potent Vauxhall

Watch Chris Harris Drift The Crazy 577bhp HSV Maloo, The World's Most Ballistic Ute

Chris Harris is back, and giving an Aussie Ute the sideways treatment

The HSV GTS Has Just Been Given A Whopping 680bhp Makeover

Walkinshaw Performance has just revealed its tyre-massacring W507 package for the already stonkingly-quick HSV GTS

A 700bhp V8 Supercar Wagon With Space For Your Surfboards Is The Most Australian Car Ever Made

Holden has commemorated 40 years since the Sandman, a wagon pretty much unknown outside Australia, but an icon Down Under

Doing A Burnout Right Opposite A Biker Cop Is A Bad Idea

At a set of traffic lights, a V8-powered Holden chooses a really bad time to do a burnout. With cloud formation in full swing, the biker cop quickly puts a stop to the stupidity

Watch A V8 Supercar Driver Scare The Life Out Of A Rugby Player In This Brilliant Prank

HSV asked V8 Supercar driver Greg Murphy to give Cameron Smith a rather nerve-wracking surprise