Only The Stig Could Make The Audi R8 Dance Like This

We think of the R8 as being a grippy, tied-down sort of car, but with a Stig at the wheel, it dances around Dunsfold quite beautifully...

This Awesome Trailer Will Get You Excited For New Top Gear

The second season of the new NEW Top Gear looks like it'll hit the mark with us car lovers if this funny trailer is anything to go by! I for one am excited...

Top Gear's 'Ken Block Drifts London' Extended Cut Is 10 Minutes Of Tyre-Shredding Lunacy

One of the highlights of Top Gear's topsy turvy 23rd season involved Matt LeBlanc being taken for a massively sideways tour of London by Ken Block in the Hoonicorn Mustang. Now, we get to see an extended cut of the segment

5 Cheap Cars Top Gear Wrecked That Are Now Massively Sought After

Over the years, the Top Gear team has killed loads of cheap cars which have since become rather sought after and valuable. Here are a few of the motors we wish they hadn't wrecked...

Let This Top Gear Deleted Scene Explain With Perfect Logic Why British Sports Cars Are Safe

The 'Richard Hammond' fan YouTube continues to work its way through Top Gear deleted scenes, this time uploading an unused segment from from series 15's British sports cars challenge

This Funny Clarkson, Hammond And May Video Is Just Like Old Times

During Clarkson, Hammond And May's final live tour commitments after Clarkson was dropped from the BBC, the three men jibe and joke about the BBC the only way they know how!

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris And Rory Reid Are Now Top Gear's Main Presenters

The BBC has confirmed that Matt LeBlanc is staying on as Top Gear host, with Harris and Reid as his main co-stars

Ex-BBC Director Admits He Screwed Up By Firing Clarkson

Even after punching his producer in the face, the ex-boss at the BBC says chucking Clarkson was a mistake

Clarkson Has Posted A Short Sneak Peek Of Grand Tour Filming

This short but oh-so sweet video of Grand Tour filming shows an Alfa Romeo driving towards a Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Aston Martin DB11 drifting in the opposite direction...

With Chris Evans Gone, Top Gear Will Thrive

The latter part of Top Gear series 23 surpassed a lot of people's expectations, with the last few episodes chock full of amazing car content. And with the show's weakest link now gone, the future's looking bright

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With series 23 of Top Gear at an end, we want to know which of the show's six new presenters you've had the most fun watching

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Top Gear's overnight audience fell once again - attracting less than half the viewers of the first episode - but it's not all bad news for the revamped show

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We're four episodes in, and after a shaky start, I'm actually enjoying 'new' Top Gear. Here's why I think you should give it a second chance!