A Serious Question

A Serious Question - Ask Car Throttle

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation.

Your one car is an RX-7. You drive it to work, go grocery shopping with it, and take it on the occasional backroad hoon. One day, your rotary engine faces a catastrophic failure. This is especially devastating given that it’s your only means of transportation to places like your work site and the supermarket. However, there’s a spare LS7 lying in the garage ready to install in an engine bay.

If you don’t swap it in, you’ll be unable to go to work or buy food. Alongside that, the resale value would be insufficient to purchase another vehicle with any money you’d make from it.

If you do swap it in, you’ll be shamed by many a user on the Internet. You may even get a death threat or two.

If you don’t decide soon enough, you’ll die of starvation.

Do you swap it in? If yes, why? If no, why not?