I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST CAR!!! It’s a 2008 535xi, with a 3.0L turbo inline 6, AWD, and a shiftable 6-speed automatic (more pics will be in the comments section btw). Her name is Lucy, lol. Now I know what you’re thinking: it’s probably expensive. But nope. Thanks to my father’s professional negotiating skills, we were able to get this car for $9K flat. And yes that’s including tax, fees, tags, etc. I find it amazing how I was only a little kid when these things costed like $60K, and about 12 years later I’d get one for less than $10K. And yes, I worked for this car and I will keep working my ass off for this car. I paid for most of it, but my father paid the other $3K for it. So I’ll be paying $1800 a year for insurance, paying back my dad, paying extra for gas (because it uses premium), possible repairs and maintenance, and future mods. However with the job that I have, I did the math and it will be achievable, so do not fear in terms of my financial situation. So not only is it cheap, but it’s a super clean car as well. The carfax looks very clean, it had 2 owners (well, one main owner if I’m honest. The 2nd one only had the car for a few months), and the test drive in it went very well. But she does have her flaws: there’s a bunch of tiny chips in the paint on the hood, bumpers, rear passenger door, the rims are scratched up a bit (but our lord and savior ChrisFix has made a video about that ;), it has no back up/ reverse camera or sensors, and the seal on the top of the windshield is going bad. But other than that, she’s an amazing car. Me and my dad have seen a lot of cars, and this one is the best thing we’ve seen. I’ll get more pics of it eventually, but for now it’s on an insurance policy where it has to stay in the garage for 90 days, which sucks. But I did get to drive it once, on my way home from the honda dealership where we bought it from, and my lord that thing is fast. I’m sure y’all have heard the saying “if your car doesn’t scare you a little, you don’t have the right car” (or something along those lines). Well this car does scare me a little lol. It’s even faster than my dad’s 2017 528i. Anyways, as for future mods, I’m planning to get a cold air intake, an aftermarket cat back exhaust system, and LED headlights. And other little things like tinted windows, maybe get a ceramic coating if I can get the paint in good shape again, and other stuff I can’t think of on the top of my head. So far I already got BMW valve stem caps for it, and I hung up my AK47 chain on the rear view mirror lol. Any other inexpensive little things I should do? Let me know.