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Politicians and Motorsport. Not together!!!!!

This year has seen Politicians pushing their nose into many places that contained Sport. Motorsport was included, and here is my opinion why it is bad

Politicians and Motorsport. Not together!!!!! - Motorsport

As this year draws to a close, I can say that although my personal life were quite dreadful, the Sport and Motorsport world were on a high this year. However, seeing politicians at Motorsport events this year was very annoying for me and here is why: First thing first, I hate politicians, I think personally without them our world would have looked a million times better (and I am able to say it although my grandma’s cousin is a former prime minister in my country) but that is a discussion for another day. This year, we saw not once and not twice politicians pushing their nose into Motorsport events that at times they have no clue what are they. and here are the reasons I personally at least, really didn’t like it

Politicians and Motorsport. Not together!!!!! - Motorsport

Racing drivers normally would not do anything to spread hate and even if they come from different nations, drive for different teams or at a personal rivalry, they won’t go too try and make the entire world hate you. Politicians on the other hand, are people that normally hate you because you aren’t them and that wouldn’t care killing you for the smallest possible thing. Racing drivers obey rules that they are told unlike quite a big part of politicians who would pass every single rule and law as long as none heard about it and if you will tell them that, they will go against you because you told the truth. There are words that I am not allowed to write so i”ll say it that way, I think, that people who have a responsibility for hate and death (weather it’s Switzerland’s president or Russian’s one) of people, shouldn’t be at an area where there are people who arrive with no bad intentions normally and only want to race and do what they love.