Today i added another car to the driven list. A Ford Mondeo MK3 TDCI Titanium.

The interior is really nice. Leather everywhere, aluminium trim. Overall a cozy looking interior.
Of course, like with any other diesel, and unlike and gas car i’ve driven, i stalled it 3 times in a row.
I just can’t start diesels properly. The rev range is way too short. Even tho this revved up to around 5000-6000.

Anyway, despite how much of a distaster i’ve been at the driving test, because of how stressed i was. I drove nicely and relaxed today. My friend who owns it said i did good and also gave me some tips about douchebags in traffic.
Even tho i’ve driven legally, he told me when to wait because you never know when an idiot can pop out from behind a low visibility corner.