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You Need To See This Drone Footage Of Tesla’s New Berlin Gigafactory

Who knew a car factory tour could be this thrilling?

Remind me later

Following the opening of Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg plant in Germany in late March 2022, this unbelievable footage of a drone navigating its way through the tight spaces of the complex facility has taken off on social media.

It’s unclear who the drones’ pilot is, but it’s safe to say they have some unbelievable skills. The footage shows us an action-packed perspective of the new Gigafactory, from the car park all the way through the automated assembly and welding line, the vehicle painting facility and the final inspection zones before shooting out of the factory to give us a fantastic view of the entire factory.

You Need To See This Drone Footage Of Tesla’s New Berlin Gigafactory - News

The drone navigates through incredibly tight spaces while speeding its way through the facility - somehow managing to avoid being crushed, covered in paint and hitting the Tesla workers along the way. The drone even passes through the body of an unfinished Tesla Model Y while it’s being worked on.

This is by far one of the best looks we’ve had at Tesla’s huge new factory, and we have to applaud the drone’s pilot and everyone involved at the factory for making this happen. We’re not entirely sure how health and safety gave this project the thumbs up, but we’re happy they did.

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg is Tesla’s first manufacturing plant in Europe, and it’s also claimed to be its most advanced, sustainable and efficient yet. Once up and running, it will produce hundreds of thousands of Model Y models each year, along with millions of battery cells to fuel them.

Have you ever seen a car manufacturing video this cool? Be sure to let us know of any other epic manufacturer videos you’ve come across.