OMG I finally found a GTT!

OMG I finally found a GTT! - Nissan Skyline Forum

After years of searching cars for sale in Japan I finally found a Nissan Skyline R34 GT T!
Powered by the mighty RB20DE which is said to be the most efficient RB engine ever produced, this beastly machine puts out a whopping 160HP!
Now you can finally beat those Corollas, Civics and 316Ti’s.

Seriously though, stop calling them GTT. It’s not a Caldina, and there was no RB20DET made after the R32 ended.
The T HID is electronic adjust Xenon lights, ETC is a toll card reader and CD is CD player.

Grade 3.5, 25GT-Turbo.
Grade 3.5, 25GT-Turbo.

And here is a 25GT Turbo that I think I should buy.
RB25DET with 280HP and 365nm - almost GT-R performance for a fraction of the cost.